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The once-cursed elves of Tharis have been redeemed in the eyes of many of their kindred, and rumors say that the Seldarine themselves gave the blessing. All seems to have fallen quiet in Tharis afterwards... meanwhile in the north, the Vizier of Torm has been revealed for his deceptions and the royal line has been restored, allowing the cursed King Erik to finally pass on to the afterlife in peace. His grand-child, the half-elven woman Liana, now is faced with the daunting task of trying to return Torm to its former glory... As always, please feel free to check the updates on the boards and our facebook page!

-Nienne, das liche

Current spotlight: spell updates and epic feats!

The main item of the moment is the roll-out of epic feats, for HM characters of L31+. Several have been installed already and far more are still pending, so this will be an ongoing project for some time yet. On the side have been some recent boosts to mage spells and hopefully a few minor quality-of-life improvements for the thieves as well. Also some new pages have been added to the website for your reference, and outdated pages have been updated!