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A series of catastrophies seem to have befallen the realm all within the space of a single night. As night fell on 21 Autumnstime, a ferocious storm swept down from the mountains to ravage the streets of Azha, injuring numerous citizens and leaving shattered glass and crumbled stone in its wake. The city will have a long road to recovery from the unexpected destruction. Almost at the same time, the Moonstone Vale far to the north came under attack from an overwhelming invasion of shadowy creatures, before a group of adventurers could repel their attack and put down the mage that had summoned them forth.

It was only at this point, just before daybreak, that the realm was faced with the realisation that these two terrible events were mere distractions from the greater revelation. A ritual conducted in secret opened a rift to the Plane of Shadow, from which emerged a floating fortress of the Zin'Charu, long since thought lost from the realm. After drifting across the sky it stopped above Tharis, its inhabitants taking swift and ruthless control of the city and purging it of its former Hound masters. Tharis now seems to have truly become its namesake, the City of Shadows, lying in the perpetual twilight of the fortress above.... As always, please feel free to check the updates on the boards and our facebook page!

-Nienne, das liche

Current spotlight: welcome to Tenebrosa!

The end of this plot sees the introduction of a good number of new coded pieces I've been quietly working on the last couple months! First and foremost, Azha has been subject to major city-wide damage, which is going to need a lot of time and help to repair. Tharis has been revised considerably under the looming darkness of its new Shadovar lords, so don't panic if you can't find things - while the essence of the city remains as previously, many parts have been moved or revised!

This also brings about the addition of the Shade race: the ascended few among the Shadovar most loyal to their cause. You may notice a couple players around already trying it out; the race will be restricted for a few weeks to make sure it's given a proper test before it's widely available, as there are still a few code issues to resolve. Bear in mind that when it does become available, this particular race is extremely politically aligned, and will be expected to be played as such!

The Shadovar also bring with them many hidden secrets of their long lost arts, the first of which has been an art lost for the long centuries since their disappearance - command of the Shadow Weave (via the Shadow Adept epic feat). Only the most accomplished arcanists loyal to Shar and Her allies are ever initiated into the secret ways of its use.

Finally, it seems whatever rite served to allow the Shadovar passage back to the prime, has also served to disrupt something in the borders between the planes. Rumors start to arise of certain wielders of an unsettling magical art that is able to invoke dark and chaotic powers from across the planes. It seems that use of this Warlock's art is already well known to the Shadovar, but that naturally occuring invokers are also starting to appear in various places. I expect the warlock class to be in HM-access testing for quite a bit, as I'm not expecting the sourcebook version to flow directly into the mud without a bunch of adjustments.

Thanks to everyone that participated and I hope it was enjoyed!