THe Assassins

Of Shadowgate



16 Base Intelligence
10 Ranks in Stealth

Alignments allowed: any Evil
Classes allowed: any but psionic
Class Feats:
L1: crit
L4: hide in plain sight
L7: void stalker

Deadly professionals, assassins come from various backgrounds to serve one purpose of silent murder for boon. Assassins lean towards stealthy approach
in their craft, stalking and studying their victim before executing a deadly attack. In combat, hover, an assassin should not be underestimated
as they learn the main rule about preparation very soon in their training: always be. They gain knowledge in arcane and stealthy arts, learn spells
and powers to aid in their missions. Assassins receive their own normal caster set of spells that functions like clerical casting. They learn death
attack, and learn to hide better than common thieves. They learn how to find their victim anywhere. Finally, they become a part of… *Suddenly,
the narrator drops dead*

Assassins are arcane casters and are granted a subset of arcane utility spells based on their intelligence score. You can see their spell list with
<spells assassin>. Assassins <prepare> spells from this list and commit it to memory, you can see list of spells in memory with <recall assassin
spells>. When they <cast> spell they expend spell from the memory.