THe deva

Of Shadowgate

Deva of Shadowgate

Level adjustment: 3 (requires an account with a lvl 30 character)
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, +2 charisma
Skill bonuses: +2 perception, +2 survival
Misc bonuses: 10MR
Innate spells: light, angelic aspect, divine weapon, divine shield,
dimension door, invisibility, break curse, cleanse disease, sacred nimbus,
cure critical wounds, holy smite

Standard alignments: any good, TN
Classes allowed: any
Normal adventuring starting age: 18-30
Average life span: 1500

Devas serve as warriors in divine legions, though most of their times they patrol the feywild, the plane of shadows, and the material plane, battling numerous fell creatures that either inhabit these realms or spawn from The Void at the edge of existence. Their rare visits to the material plane were usually to aid powerful mortals when a great menace threatened to plunge an entire realm into evil, or to rid the world of the menace themselves.

Devas either align themselves with good-natured divinities, or they choose to serve nature. Although pacifists in their hearts, they are fearsome soldiers and they will resort to violence if no other choice is left. To avoid conflict they never form civilizations or build cities outside of the domain of their patrons. Communicating with beings of the material plane, devas try to sway their hearts toward peace and good, no matter how lost the cause is.

It is not clear how most of them come into being, but a faithful paragon of virtue among mortals might, after his death, join the ranks of celestial legions. As such, devas share various traits of humanoid races. Most of them have a youthful, human-like appearance with large feathered wings trailing behind their back. Devas live long lives that are limited only by the dangers of their occupation.

Art from Dnd Beyond

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