THe dhampir

Of Shadowgate

Dhampirs of Shadowgate

Level adjustment: 1 (requires an account with a lvl 30 character)
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, -2 constitution, +2 charisma
Skill adjustments: +2 perception, +2 influence
Misc bonuses: negative energy affinity
Innate spells: invisibility, darkvision, gaseous form

Standard alignments: any
Classes allowed: any
Normal adventuring starting age: 16-19
Average life span: 110

Known as ghoul-blooded or half-vampires, those cursed to live as dhampirs know a miserable half-life. Born from mothers infected with vampirism in the final days of their pregnancy, or sired by freshly spawned vampire fathers, dhampirs live with remnants of the curse of vampirism in their mortal blood. Although the taint grants these rare souls eerie abilities, such as sensing in the night, so too are they cursed with a measure of their accursed parents’ ravenous natures, making many just as dangerous,
unpredictable and alien as vampires themselves.

Tall and slender and with well-defined musculature, dhampirs look like statuesque humans of unearthly beauty. Their hair, eye, and skin colors resemble unnerving versions of their mothers’; many possess a ghastly pallor, particularly in the sunlight, while those with dark complexions often possess skin the color of a bruise.

While many dhampirs can pass as humans in ideal conditions, their features are inevitably more pronounced and they move with an unnaturally fluid grace. All dhampirs have elongated incisors. While not true fangs, these teeth are sharp enough to draw blood, and many suffer a reprehensible desire to indulge in sanguinary delights, despite the fact that the act provides most no physical benefit.

Art by unknown at Dandwiki

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