THe Archpsion

Of Shadowgate


Requirements: Level 40 Character
Level 20 Psion
20 Points Spent in the Spellcraft Skill
20 Base Intelligence (before equipment modifiers)

Races allowed: human, half-elf, half-orc,
half-drow, kobold, hobgoblin, yuan-ti,
halfling (ghostwise), dwarf (duergar)

Alignments allowed: any
Cannot multiclass with: mage, sorcerer, psywarrior
Hitdice: d6
Saving throws: will strong, fort/reflex weak
Class Skills: academics, spellcraft (see below)

Class Feats:
L1: power surge
L4: kinetic conversion
L7: perfect manifesting

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

The archpsion is the psions what the archmage is to mages. An archpsion has the ability to turn his concentration into stronger spells for short bursts of improved power. Once an archpsion reaches level four, he can also transfer damage from kinetic based attacks directly into power points. Finally, once an archpsion reaches level seven, he is able to concentrate so perfectly on the act of manifesting his powers that sometimes no power points will be used when manifesting.

In addition to the class skills listed above, the specific class skills
granted to each discipline are as follows:
Egoist: athletics, perception
Kineticist: dungeoneering, influence
Nomad: endurance, survival
Seer: influence, perception
Shaper: influence, endurance
Telepath: influence, perception

See also: feats, skills, spells, cast, prepare, disciplines, master

If you have a psicrystal, you may also see help psicrystal.
Note that psicrystals are for roleplay only and are not required to prepare points or manifest your powers.