THe Chronicler

Of Shadowgate


Requirements: Level 40 Character
Level 20 Bard
20 Points Spent in the Academics Skill
20 Base Charisma (before equipment modifiers)

Races allowed: half-elf, human, wemic, elf (moon, sun),
gnome (rock, forest), dwarf (shield, gold), firbolg,
halfling (lightfoot, strongheart)

Alignments allowed: any non-lawful
Cannot multiclass with: paladin
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: reflex/will strong, fort weak
Class Skills: academics, disguise, influence, spellcraft, athletics
**disguise temporarily substituted to thievery untilinstalled
Class Feats:
L1: fated
L4: timeweaver
L7: temporal displacement

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

A chronicler is a specialized bard, so masterful at embellishing or altering a tale so as to magically make it true. He or she can snatch glimpses of the past and future as though it were part of the present,  gaining a greater understanding of history, and small hints of what the future brings. Using this insight and his or her own glib storyteller’s art, the chronicler can retell the past or future to change time just  enough to keep themselves and their allies safe. A chronicler uses her  charisma instead of intelligence for all academics checks and a level  one chronicler becomes immune to death spells and effects. At level  four a chronicler can manipulate time in a limited capacity. The spells timestop and foresight are added to his or her spell list.

See also: feats, skills, spells, cast, prepare, lore, story, song