Grandmaster of the Way

Of Shadowgate

Grandmaster of the Way:

Requirements: Level 40 Character
Level 20 Monk
20 Points Spent in the Athletics Skill
20 Base Wisdom (before equipment modifiers)

Races allowed: Human, Half-drow, Half-elf, Dwarf, Gnome, and Shade

Alignments allowed: any lawful
Cannot multiclass with: paladin, bard, barbarian
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: Reflex, Fort, and Will strong
Class Skills: Athletics, Endurance.

Class Feats:
L1: way of the learned pupil
L4: way of the merciful soul
L7: grandmaster of the way

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

The Grandmaster of the way is a monk who has dedicated his life to mastering the various arts of the way. He is able to absorb damage from attacks to regenerate a small amount of ki and he is able to mercifully end the life of opponents who are sufficiently injured. Finally at the peak of his achievement, a grandmaster of the way is able to use all of the abilities of the way of the fist, the way of the shadow and the way of the elements. He does not, however, learn the skills of the other ways.

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