THe mindblade

Of Shadowgate


Requirements: Level 40 Character
Level 20 in Psion (selected when advancing)
20 Base Intelligence
20 Base Strength or Dexterity

Races allowed: human, half-elf, half-orc, half-drow,
kobold, hobgoblin, yuan-ti, halfling (ghostwise),
dwarf (duergar)

Alignments allowed: any
Cannot multiclass with: mage, sorcerer, psywarrior
Hitdice: d6
Saving throws: will strong, fort/reflex weak
Class Skills: academics, spellcraft (see below)

Class Feats:
L1: mind before matter
L4: improved prescience
L7: metabolic perfection

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

The mindblade is a psion who has dedicated his craft towards becoming a more effective warrior in melee combat. He is able to manifest powers in the heaviest armor and while wielding  any weapons. His prescience power is also stronger than that of a typical psion and has much longer duration. When the  mindblade reaches level seven, the true metabolism power becomes so effect that it will no longer expire over time, but only when the mindblade is knocked unconscious or killed.

See also: feats, skills, spells, cast,
prepare, disciplines, master