THe Psions

Of Shadowgate



Stat requirement: intelligence 15
Race: human, kobold, halfling (ghostwise), dwarf (duergar)
Alignment: any
Class skills: academics, endurance, healing, spellcraft

L1: simple weapon proficiency, spell focus
L1: bonus caster feat
L6: bonus caster feat
L11: bonus caster feat
L16: bonus caster feat

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

Psions are those people possessed of the gifts of the mind, and so powerful are these gifts that they can use them to affect the real world. Psionics is primarily encountered among humankind and hails from origins within the Tsarven Empire, though its practitioners span a varied range of alignments and backgrounds. As they grow, their grasp upon their inner self gains in power, and so too do their spells. Spending so much time introspectively does mean that they are rarely proficient in the use of melee combat.

Psions can ‘prepare’ their powers in advance and to manifest them. Each psion, depending upon their nature, will also have access to a discipline that grants them further powers. A psion of eleventh level or higher can also a gem with a known power, for use by themselves or another.

Useful MUD helpfiles: psion, disciplines, psionics, attune.