THe Psywarriors

Of Shadowgate



Stat requirement: intelligence 15
Race: human, half-elf, half-orc, half-drow, kobold, hobgoblin, yuan-ti, halfling (ghostwise), dwarf (duergar)
Alignment: any
Class skills: academics, athletics, endurance, perception
L1: light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, heavy armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, armored manifester, combat manifester
L5: psionicweapon
L11: combatprescience
L17: psionic body

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

Also known as psychic warriors, psyblades, or psyknights, psywarriors are able to turn their mind’s potential to the warrior’s art. Unlike psions, who devote all their energy toward developing their minds, psywarriors give equal attention to body and mind, honing their entire being into a deadly weapon. Most psywarriors favor one weapon type above all others, but some are adept at wielding various martial implements to great effect. Psywarriors thrive on adventure, knowing that only through adversity can they grow stronger. Most are fearless, and many relish the treasure – monetary, spiritual, or otherwise – that adventuring brings.

Psywarriors have a cleric’s basic combat ability alongside six levels of psionic powers, making them formidable foes. Like psions, they expend their reserve of psychic energy, represented in power points, to manifest powers spontaneously. Their psionic abilities are based upon their intelligence score.

The psionic gift is unpredictible, and psywarriors may arise from several races and from any region, religion, alignment, or background. As a result, each individual’s reaction to a psywarrior is personal, based on past experiences. Psywarriors sometimes face prejudice from those who do not trust their unusual mental abilities. Because of this, a few isolated societies exist where psions and psywarriors live in peace and seclusion. Psywarriors that grow up in such a society have been known to rebel against the strict regimen of commune life.

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