THe Sorcerers

Of Shadowgate



Stat requirement: charisma 15
Race: human, half-elf, drow, elf, gnome, goblin, halfling, half-drow, half-orc, kobold, voadkyn
Alignment: any
Class skills: academics, disguise, influence, spellcraft
Feats: L1 simple weapon proficiency, spell focus; L1/6/11/16 bonus caster feat

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

Sorcerers harness by instinct what takes wizards a lifetime to learn. They invoke the weave to create arcane magicks through sheer force of personality, casting without having to memorize specific spells beforehand. Practitioners of the sorcerous arts span a much greater variety of backgrounds than magi, due to their lack of need for formal training. Many whispers among lay people claim that the distant blood of dragons serves to give rise to this art, and certainly many sorcerers seem happy to maintain such a rumor, particularly koboldkin.

Sorcerers ‘cast’ spells based on their charisma, learning their spells innately and only needing to┬átheir spell levels to cast any spell of that level at will. Given their lack of formal training, however, they do not learn to scribe or enchant as a mage does, nor do they gain an expanded knowledge of spells by way of a specialized school. Sorcerers can, however, use scrolls if they are sufficiently knowledgeable of spellcraft.

Useful MUD helpfiles: sorcerer, cast, prepare.