THe Thieves

Of Shadowgate



Stat requirement: dexterity 15
Race: human, half-elf, half-drow, half-orc, beastman, bugbear, drow, dwarf, elf, gnoll, gnome, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, kobold, ogre-mage, orc, voadkyn
Alignment: any
Class skills: athletics, dungeoneering, stealth, thievery
Feats: L1 light armor proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency; L4 combat reflexes; L7 mobility; L11 evasion; L12 tools of the trade; L14 scramble; L17 spring attack

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

Thieves are masters of stealth and subterfuge. Both their combat and non-combat aptitude often relies on surprise and swift reactions, whether that be leaping from the shadows in an attack or a smoothly spoken lie to avoid the law. Often versed in a variety of weapons and armor, they tend towards a preference for light leather and bladed weapons, as these better serve their style of combat.

A thief’s main capacity to harm a foe is by attempting to ‘stab’ them; at first this can only be done if the foe is not aware of them, but after fourth level they can also flank opponents during combat for further attempts. Thieves can also use scrolls if they are sufficiently knowledgeable of spellcraft.