THe Warlocks

Of Shadowgate



Stat requirement: charisma 15
Race: human (standard, tiefling or aasimar), half-elf, half-orc, half-drow, elf, gnome (rock/forest), halfling (lightfoot), drow, goblin, kobold, orc (tanarukk), hobgoblin, ogre-mage, yuan-ti, shade
Alignment: any evil or chaotic
Class skills: academics, athletics, influence, spellcraft
Feats: L1 light armor proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, spell focus; L7 damage resistance; L9 energy resistance; L12 imbue item; L14 improved damage resistance; L17 regeneration

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

A warlock is a being whose soul is suffused with perilous magic, whether by willing or unwilling means. They do not approach magic through the medium of spells, much as a mage or sorcerer might. Instead, they can invoke magic through simply an act of will, resulting in a limited but powerful array of magical aids, trickery, and powerful blasts of eldrich power. While these effects are not spells, as spell-like abilities they are subject to most of the same factors, and benefit from most of the same feats and other empowerments, unless otherwise specified. Given their simple somatic attributes, warlock invocations can be cast in light armor.

Warlocks are the champions or conduits of dark or chaotic powers. They, or sometimes their ancestors, share a bloodline or have forged a pact with a powerful planar entity, often trading a piece of their soul in exchange for the supernatural abilities they can invoke. Many surrender to a desire for power in making such a pact, while some seek to escape the wrongs of their past or ancestors. Yet others may be bound to patrons of chaos rather than evil, though such powers are no less dangerous for their unpredictable designs. Those with a heritage of such power are not necessarily planetouched or half-planar, as the mark left behind is upon the soul rather than the flesh.

Most warlocks are viewed with at least suspicion by most civilized species, given the dangerous powers to which they are bound. They are often drawn to the life of an adventurer, whether that be to further the designs of their patrons, or to gain the strength to resist them. While the powers that bind them can be cruel or capricious, even warlocks who derive their power from the most sinister of patrons have been known to turn their dark powers against evil. Even the brightest of souls may wield such power, for certainly the familiarity with the darkness they call upon allows them to gaze unflinchingly upon even the most terrifying of foes.

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