THe Warmaster

Of Shadowgate


Requirements: Level 40 Character
Level 20 in Base Class (selected when advancing)
20 Points Spent in the Endurance Skill
Strength of Arm

Races allowed: see Base Class

Alignments allowed: see Base Class
Cannot multiclass with: see Base Class
Hitdice: see Base Class
Saving throws: see Base Class
Class Skills: see Base Class

Class Feats:
L1: wade through
L4: skull collector
L7: the reaping

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

Warmasters are those who have dedicated their lives to the brutal art of destroying their enemies with huge, two handed weapons. They have become so adapt at killing their enemies with large sweeping  attacks that at first level they no longer have to take time to get back into position for sweeping blow. At fourth level their attacks are so dangerous that weakened enemies have a chance of being instantly killed if they fail a saving throw against a critical
attack. At seventh level a warmaster has become gleefully joyous at the carnage that their large weapon can inflict on the battlefield. The feats sweeping blow and impale will do more damage. In addition,  whenever sweeping blow and impale are used it will inspire the warmaster to new heights of vigor in battle, restoring some hitpoints or invigorating health.

See also: base class