THe races

Of Shadowgate

Playable Races

Shadowgate allows players to become one of a large number of races, all of which bear a variety of ethos and abilities to help shape the character. All standard races/subraces are available on creation, but level-adjusted creatures can only be played by request. Beast races, and those of naturally evil inclination, should be carefully considered before play, as they will encounter many challenges (vision, language communciation, and general lack of acceptance in most civilized areas) beyond those of surface races. Also, large-size races may find equipment more difficult to find than other characters.

Any races not listed in one of the categories below, are not currently open to play, and will only be encountered in the game as coded creatures or plot NPCs.


Classic human adventurer but with both planetouched ancestors and different ethnicities


The fey race in all it wonders. You can choose different subraces aswell.


The stout folk, lovers of metals and treasure. But stubborn as a mule. Few subraces to choose from


The infamous villains. Brutish and dangerous tribal race with their own subraces


The breed between a human and elf. Split between a human and elf world is difficult


The short folk or as we know them the halflings are a creative and loveable race. Fond of ales and food and all the good things in life


Normally a product of a orc ans a human, or other humanoid, brings these creatures to life. What are you orc or human?


The inventors and great mages of the gnomes are intelligent and cunning folk. Ever felt the prank of a gnome? No? beware then!


The breed between a ogre and humanoid. Big brutish and terrifying


Large giant-kin with fiery red hair. Smaller than hillgiants and more friendly


The mysterious beastfolk of the forest. More civilized than you imagine, or a brute?


The small packlike dragon-kin kobolds. Can one rise above the tribe and become something more?


The greenskin horde, ugly, evil and malicious. 


The matriachial drows of the underdark. Sometimes few venture unto the surface to spread fear.


The ultimate outcast. Hated by both the drows and the surfacedwellers. 


The rare forest giant of myth. Are they as jovial as legend tell? 


Where honor is the most important thing, in these desert folks life!


Giant-like goblins that lives in their underground lairs and prey on the surfacedwellers.


A military race that are in eternal war with the elves, and hated by all.


Half-hyena like giant-kin race, that is feared everywhere.


Ugly, 9 feet tall, smelly and brutish. That is the ogre, the monster in bedtime stories.


Intelligent ogres, even bigger than their cousin, who use guile and magic to gain power and wealth


The ancient and secretive half-saurians with innate power to disguise themselves as humans.


Half bull, half giant. Brutish territorial beast of nightmares. 


Half horse, half elf who sees honor as life, and tends to be friendly at the common races.


Human planetouched subraces are those who claim an ancestor of planar origin


Fey’ri are to elves as tieflings are to humans, distant descendants of the union between a sun elf and a fiend.

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