THe Fey'ri

Of Shadowgate

Fey'ri of Shadowgate

Fey’ri (planetouched)

Alignment: any non-good
Classes allowed: fighter, cleric, mage, thief, ranger, bard, sorcerer, cavalier, paladin, barbarian
Normal adventuring starting age: 101-130
Average life span: 550
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence, -2 constitution
Skill bonuses: +2 perception, +2 disguise
Misc bonuses: +2 saves vs charm spells, sleep immunity
Daily spells: alter self at will, dimension door x1, darkness x1, clairvoyance x1
Level adjustment: 3
Commonly found: Argentrock Island

Fey’ri are to elves as tieflings are to humans, distant descendents of the union between a sun elf and a fiend. Unlike tieflings, all fey’ri can trace their ancestry back to a few specific sun-elf houses in history – Heasirretyn and its allies – who were outcast from Selu’havessthor during the Purge. As such, they retain the ancient history and attitudes of the sun elves of this once-great civilisation, coupled with a longstanding superiority complex and a grudge for being outcast and abandoned by their kin.

Physically, fey’ri retain a similar appearance to their sun elf ancestors, but all also sport batlike wings that clearly set them apart. They also carry one or more additional traits to mark their fiendish heritage. These may include fiery red eyes, fine scales all over the skin, a long pointed tail, batlike ears, or deep red skin. While this would usually be a dead giveaway as to their nature, they have learned over time to take on an alternative form as a normal elf, hiding their fiendish traits from view. In this way, many take on missions of espionage amongst normal elves, gathering information to support their own evil ends.

Restricted (level adjusted) races can automatically be rolled on HM accounts in creation. Other un-rollable combinations (atypical alignments or classes for a race) will need to be requested via the avatarmail command, and are usually likewise restricted to HMs and those players with a prior standard of good roleplay. Please be patient – depending if the request is unusual, it may involve some discussion before it is approved or denied, so these applications usually take until the following weekend or so to process. In such submissions, please include a description of your character’s personality and general attitude, as well as at least a moderate summary of their history – it does not need to be a full background, but we must know what has shaped your character, and what their current attitudes and nuances are, in order to approve or deny the request.

Useful MUD helpfiles: elf, elf rp, race gods, moon elf, sun elf, wood elf, wild elf, request characters.

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