THe Half-orcs

Of Shadowgate

Half-Orcs of Shadowgate

Alignment: any
Classes allowed: fighter, cleric, thief, sorcerer, ranger, barbarian
Normal adventuring starting age: 12-16
Average life span: 70
Stat adjustments: +2 strength, -2 charisma
Skill bonuses: +2 endurance
Misc bonuses: +1 saves vs spells
Level adjustment: 0
Commonly found: orcish or human-settled areas

Half-orcs are a cross of orcs and almost any other humanoid race, except elves, who they aren’t fertile with. They usually take after their orcish heritage, although some can pass as ugly humans. They are distrusted by both humans and orcs, so they often must make their way alone. They seek friendship and acceptance, but are generally shunned by others. They make their way in orcish societies by proving themselves superior in power and ability, or alternatively, they make friends where they can in human societies by associating with those who don’t care about appearance. Most half-orcs tend to be neutral with slight lawful and evil tendencies. A few have managed to form their own half-orc societies in remote areas, and these tend to be extremely suspicious of strangers.

Art by SirTiefling at Deviant Art

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