THe Squoles

Of Shadowgate

Squoles of Shadowgate

Level adjustment: 0
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, +2 constitution, -2 intelligence
Skill adjustments: +2 athletics
Misc bonuses: elemental resistance equal to character level based on a

Standard alignments: TN, NE, LN, NG, CN
Classes allowed: any but warlock, psion, psywarrior
Normal adventuring starting age: 12-20
Average life span: 80

Squoles are relatively new race of sentient para-elemental beings. They don’t form own societies and their individual personal goal is always aligned with integration into human society, and so far they have done it well. The first squoles shared the same form that of that of a fit and muscular male human. Later, they adopted an additional form: a slender and well-proportioned female. Due to having humanoid shape and rather neutral personalities they assimilate into human cities without any trouble, taking
on vast variety of professions.

Although the first squoles looked all alike, modern variant evolved to mimicry human race very well. They look a lot like humans, despite that their flesh is essentially is form of slime, ooze or magma.  Diversity among the squoles is found mostly in the color of their “skin”, which can come in every color of the rainbow. The race actually consists of three subspecies, each affected by a different aspect of the nearest paraelemental planes, which is reflected in their color and the type of energy that they are at 
home with. They have very limited affinity to polymorphism, allowing them to slightly adjust the shape of their body.

Squoles are blind by nature, but using sensitivity to vibrations, the squole maneuvers and fights as well as a sighted creature within a limited range. Thus they can’t use <peer> command.

Art by Brin Lee

Useful MUD helpfiles: squole