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Shadowgate is a large text-based role-playing game derived from the D&D manuals and lines of thought, to create our own unique world and history. Our community of players and immortals strive to create a world that reflects not only the tabletop world of adventure and role-playing but also a whole dimension of interaction, both positive and negative. When you enter our realms you can look forward to prejudice and tolerance, conflict and cooperation, hate ... and love.

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ShadowGate has been and will always remain free to enjoy. Players and staff volunteer their time to bring this experience to you. The MUD operates under the understanding of the Dungeons and Dragons Open Gaming License, allowing use of Wizards' DnD content in a non-profit setting.


Full ANSI Supported - Large World : 8000 + rooms - Level 1-50 - Saved gear -- 26+ races and subraces - 15 classes - Prestige classes - Multiclassing - General and class specific feats - 12 Skills - 6 crafting skills -Player made items and enchanting


Many areas have preexisting quests coded into the game, some that even change every time you particpate in them. Automated hunting quests exist which allow you to seek out lost items or combat powerful shapeshifters. Immortals run their own plots and stories in real time, simulating a Dungeon Master for one or more players. Seasonal events and major, world changing events sometimes occur, inviting every player to participate at once.


Role playing is not optional nor limited to certain clans, guilds or flags. Every participant in ShadowGate is a roleplayer. We hope that you find the setting detailed enough to feel a part of a living world. You can expect to make long term friends and enemies. You have the capability to change the world's history.

Active Staff

In addition to providing you with entertainment, the staff recognizes the need to respond to your questions, concerns and complaints. The game is updated regularly, sometimes with sweeping changes. We appreciate your comments and will do our best to respond to them. Tools such as in-game mud-mail, avatarmail, and the web forum are good resources if you wish to get in contact with the staff, or to find out about, and participate in, discussions about game direction

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Shadowgate is the game where you make your own adventurers. Do you wanna be the grand knight on a shining steed looking for your long dead ancestors? Or do you seek to rule the world as a crazy maniac who follows the Faceless God? Or maybe you just wanna be a elven bard who likes to make items and enchant them for a profit?

Everything is possible in Shadowgate, only your own imagination is the limit!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

 Pablo Picasso

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Keep up with news on our facebook site. This is our least used media to speak with you guys, but it is a good idea as we always start here if there are server issues


We use discord as our primary way of communication and you are welcome to join us.
Download discord here and join shadowgate.org
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We have a a vast forum that have run for years where we share updates an world events. You can always ask questions here, make polls or just be social. There are no question too stupid to ask.