Equipment - Basics

A good set of equipment is essential to all adventurers. More martially inclined classes focus their training and aptitudes around certain kinds of weapons and armor, while others prefer to trust in their spellcasting. Whatever the case, it’s good to know exactly what you can use and how effective each item is!

Clothing and armor
No proficiency required:
-clothing of all kinds (including magerobes) (0AC)
-bracers (1AC)
-jewelry & associated trinkets

Light armor proficiency:
-padded armor (1AC)
-leather armor (2AC)
-studded leather armor, leather breastplate (3AC)
-hide armor (4AC)
-leather gauntlets, leather greaves, leather barding (1AC)
-leather coif (0AC)
-leather buckler (0AC)

Medium armor proficiency:
-scalemail, ringmail (4AC)
-chainmail, breastplate, wooden scale armor (5AC)
-splint, brigadine, banded (6AC)
-gauntlets, greaves, barding (1AC)
-chain coif (1AC)

Heavy armor proficiency:
-platemail, bronze plate (7AC)
-field plate (8AC)
-fullplate (9AC)
-full helm (1AC)

Shield proficiency: note that bucklers are too flimsy for weapon-and-shield feats
-buckler (0AC, 15% block chance)
-small shield (1AC, 20% block chance)
-medium shield (1AC, 25% block chance)
-body/tower shield (1AC, 30% block chance)

Weapons are highly varied, although in our setting all come with a standard 20/x2 crit range. Generally, it can be assumed that most small weapons do d4/d6 damage, most medium weapons do d6/d8 damage, and most large weapons are d8/d10 or above. Required proficiencies can be queried on the weapon itself (see ‘help skillneeded’ in-game). While most match standard tabletop rules, there are also ‘standard’ weapons that have considerably better specials than normal, which fall under the exotic weapon proficiency, in order to make this feat more useful.

Magical equipment properties
Magical equipment starts to be found after a player leaves Offestry to adventure their way through the rest of the world. Magical equipment items may carry an AC bonus (+1 through +5), which can be seen when the item is identified. At minimum, a player must have five levels for each +1 of the AC bonus on the armor or weapon, in order to use it – some special items may require more levels than this before they can be equipped. Remember! An item can also be cursed, giving it a negative AC bonus. Such an item will become stuck to you if worn, and will be very expensive to remove. So make sure you ‘study’ or get someone to identify the item before you use it, or at least get a church to check for curses for you!

Items may also convey other bonuses. Static bonuses can be seen on the item once it has been identified, and may include anything from stat bonuses, through vision or skill boosts, and many others besides. There are also other less-visible bonuses that some items have, which you may need to discover through their use. It should be noted that static bonuses on multiple pieces of equipment don’t stack; the system will only take the highest. Eg/ if you have one item giving you +1 dexterity, and another with +2 dexterity, you will only gain +2 dexterity overall. The bonuses from equipment will still stack with other types of bonuses (eg/ from your race, or spells).

You can only equip one magical item in each body slot – use the ‘limbs’ command in-game to see what you’re wearing and where. The exception to this is rings (left/right hand), as you can wear two magical rings (though you cannot stack two rings of protection at the same time). You may also wear other mundane items on the same slot as one with a magical item, but only within reasonable limits of usage; you can’t equip two sets of armor onto your torso at the same time, for example. This means you could potentially wear a magical dress and mundane armor at the same time, and benefit from both; the magical benefits of the dress, and the mundane AC granted by the armor. However you could not wear a magical amulet at the same time as a magical cloak (as they both require the same neck slot).