THe classes

Of Shadowgate

Playable Classes

Shadowgate MUD allows for a limited range of classes at present. Of these, a character can elect to follow one class, or to change to another class after each 10 level block. This allows for a choice between specialized skill in one area, or a range of skills in many areas. 

When you reach level 20, you can choose to pick a Prestige Class and , or choose one of the base classes instead. Presently the following classes are available.

Base Classes


The barbarian is a fearsome warrior that channels his rage to devastating effect in battle


Bards are the entertainers and performers of the Shadowgate realm.


Paladins are knights that have gone beyond a calling to lord and land, and instead uphold the charge of the divine


Clerics are the mortal servants and mouthpieces of the gods, spreading their word and their will as they travel.


Druids are champions of nature though they claim no power over it.


Fighters are a vastly diverse group, tied together only by their devotion to the art of combat. 


Mages are masters of the arcane, and span a variety of backgrounds, races and alignments.


The monk is an enlightened warrior, able to transcend many of the bodily limits that hamper most others. 


Psions are those people possessed of the gifts of the mind, and so powerful are these gifts that they can use them to affect the real world.


Also known as psychic warriors, psyblades, or psyknights, psywarriors are able to turn their mind’s potential to the warrior’s art. 


Rangers are hunters and woodsmen, tied innately to nature and surviving by their knowledge of it.


Sorcerers harness by instinct what takes wizards a lifetime to learn. They invoke the weave to create arcane magicks through sheer force of personality


Thieves are masters of stealth and subterfuge. Both their combat and non-combat aptitude often relies on surprise and swift reactions,


A warlock is a being whose soul is suffused with perilous magic, whether by willing or unwilling means.


The holy Inquisityors of the different faiths. Seeking out enemies of the faith,being the judge, jury and executioner

Prestige Classes

Prestige classes are similar to standard classes, only have more powerful or more specialized abilities. Prestige classes on Shadowgate  can only be taken starting at level 40. They require a certain amount  of levels in a base class or certain feat or skill or other requirements  to be met before you can advance into a prestige class. You aquire a  prestige class when you advance just as if you were going to multiclass. For example, if you are a level 40 druid and you want to become an  archdruid you would simply type <advance archdruid> and you would then  become a level 40 druid, level 1 archdruid. The class feats listed for  prestige classes at level 1, level 4 and level 7 are automatically granted  when you attain the correct level in the prestige class. They are free  feats and you don’t need to add them yourself. In almost all cases, when
you advance in a prestige class, you also gain spells per day and spells  known as if you had advanced in the base class required for the prestige class.

Radiant Servant

Radiant Servants are clerics who have dedicated their lives to the
art and skill of healing


Archmages are mages that have dedicated their lives to the perfection of their craft.


A chronicler is a specialized bard, so masterful at embellishing or
altering a tale so as to magically make it true.

Shadow Adept

A shadow adept is a master not just of magic, but of its
use by means of the secretive Shadow Weave, rather than the weave that
nearly all arcanists use.


A shadowdancer is a powerful adventurer who has learned not only to hide within the shadows, but to actually harness the shadows
themselves and almost become part of them.

Versatile Arcanist

Versatile arcanists have a flexible understanding of the weave that only rare sorcerers ever truly obtain.


An archdruid has spent his life mastering the flow of nature through the world around him. He becomes so in tune with the natural world that he is able to channel it with near perfection.

Primeval Champion

The primeval champion is the master of fighting while shapeshifted. She is able to change into a mighty dragon at first level and attack  her foes with all the savage ferocity of such a beast.


Metaminds have mastered control over their minds, making them particularly resilient, especially to attacks against their psyche.


Warminds have mastered their awareness of the matter around them.  They are completely in tune with their own bodies and can make minute changes to their cells, boosting their performance.


The archpsion is the psions what the archmage is to mages. An archpsion has the ability to turn his concentration into stronger spells for short bursts of improved power.


The mindblade is a psion who has dedicated his craft towards becoming a more effective warrior in melee combat. He is able to manifest powers in the heaviest armor and while  wielding any weapons. 

Immortal Defender

An immortal defender is the master of fighting with a weapon and shield. They are the immovable front line of any fighting force.

grandmaster of the Way

The Grandmaster of the way is a monk who has dedicated his life to mastering the various arts of the way.

Hellfire Warlock

The Hellfire Warlock is a warlock who has taken the additional and perilous step of harnessing the very power of hellfire itself.


Bladeweavers are the masters of fighting with two weapons at the same time.


Warmasters are those who have dedicated their lives to the brutal art of destroying their enemies with huge, two handed weapons.


Dwarves live and die among the stones, learning and living their secrets. It is said that the very earth itself whispers to them

Rage Prophet

Divine barbarians with the ability heal even under their rage

Eldritch Knight

The ultimate combination between magic and steel. 

Arcane Archer

A deadly combination between perfected archer skill and the ability to imbue their arrows with deadly magic


Divine spellcasters that are known for their connection to forces beyond, able to cast more spells with increased potency, sometimes seemingly never exhausting themselves.


The Pale Lord is a mortal that persues power of the undeath without willing help ato sacrifice too much of mortality in his pursuit.

Arcane Trickster

These prodigious thieves blend the subtlest aspects of the arcane with the natural cunning of the bandit and the scoundrel, using spells to enhance their natural thieving abilities.


Deadly professionals, assassins come from various backgrounds to serve one purpose of silent murder for boon.