THe clerics

Of Shadowgate



Stat requirements: 15 wisdom
Races allowed: all except wemic, ogre, ogre-mage and voadkyn
Alignments allowed: any
Cannot multiclass with: n/a
Hitdice: d10
Saving throws: fort/will strong, reflex weak
Class Skills: healing, influence, perception, spellcraft
Class Feats:
L1: light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, simple weapon
proficiency, shield proficiency, divine domain
L5: indomitable
L10: force of personality
L11: second divine domain
L15: leadership
Also: one bonus spellcraft feat at L21, and every five class levels

Art by Sirtiefling at Deviant Art

Clerics are as diverse a class as the pantheon of the realm, united only
in their service to their deity. They draw their powers from their god/dess
and must serve that patron’s cause, or they may lose those powers as they
lose favor with the diety. They spend much of their time in prayer and
meditation to gain their spells, and to attempt to discern what their
god/dess expects of them. Their insight and use of their wisdom grows as
they spend their lives learning to understand people and their god/dess’
teachings, and apply them to day to day life and furthering their cause,
which includes attempting to convert others to their faith.

Wisdom is of the utmost importance to clerics and only those with the
highest wisdom are going to be worthy to cast the highest level spells. It
is also recommended that they have a decent constitution. Most are
moderately capable in melee combat, but not so much as a trained warrior.
Clerics also have the ability to try to turn undead.

Clerics of good and neutral alignments may also spontaneously cast any
prepared spell as a healing spell of the same level. Neutral and evil
clerics may do likewise, but cast such spells spontaneously as damaging
equivalents instead.

> > > > > > > > > > Healing and Greater Healing < < < < < < < < < < <

Updated notes on divine healing: Due to quiet periods and avatar absences,
it can be generally assumed that any priest with the “heal” spell is also
able to undertake a ritual of divine healing, in order to mend greater
injuries such as maimings, scarring, lost limbs/body parts and other major
trauma. This can be done without immortal intervention, though it is
suggested to avatarmail before taking this up in case an avatar is
available to help.

Please note that this should NOT be done until the injured player has had
sufficient time to deal with the injury ICly; the experience should not be
cheapened by a quick-fix an hour later. ICly, this can explained by way of
the intense divine energy being too much for a weakened being to take;
they must spend time recovering before attempting this. At time of writing,
at least four days real-time is expected from the time of injury (as per
standard downtime after a PK) before this kind of healing can be offered.
Please refer to pkilling helpfiles, or query an immortal for confirmation.

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