THe Beastkin

Of Shadowgate

Beastkin of Shadowgate

Alignment: any non-evil
Classes allowed: cleric, fighter, ranger, thief, barbarian, druid
Normal adventuring starting age: 14-23
Average life span: 90
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, -2 intelligence
Skill bonuses: +2 survival
Misc bonuses: n/a
Daily spells: calm animal x1
Level adjustment: 0
Commonly found: Charu mountains

Beastkin are short, slender humanoids with a fine layer of dark green or olive colored fur covering their bodies. An inner coat of coarse black fur lies beneath this, which gives them a natural camouflage ability.

Beastkin are tribal creatures, living in loosely organized and self-sufficient communities. Animistic in nature, their tribes are usually dedicated to a particular animal totem, and in this they do not lend to the traditional deity-worship of most civilized races. They seek to avoid combat and contact with others except to defend themselves, which they do with remarkable ferocity. They are most fond of spears, axes, and knives, and both these weapons and other garments they use, are usually crafted of natural materials. They possess a healthy curiosity to learn and see new things.

Art by Ravnesten and unknown

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