THe Drow

Of Shadowgate

Drows of Shadowgate

Alignment: any evil
Classes allowed: fighter, mage, thief, cleric, sorcerer, ranger, barbarian
Normal adventuring starting age: 101-130
Average life span: 550
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence, -2 constitution
Skill bonuses: +2 perception
Misc bonuses: 10MR, +2 saves vs charm spells, sleep immunity
Daily spells: dancing lights x1, darkness x1, faerie fire x1
Level adjustment: 3
Commonly found: underdark, Juran

Drow elves are a matriarchal chaotic evil society that branched from the elven family many centuries ago. They split from their cousins the surface elves in a great war which saw the drow goddess Lolth driven into the bowels of the earth. The drow followed their goddess Lolth, the Spider Queen into the Underdark. There the drow adapted to their lightless enviroment and with the blessings of Lolth they grew in power and quickly became rulers of that dark domain. Drow are ebony skinned, white haired, pointy eared, and are of a size an stature similiar to their light loving cousins. Drow excel in combat, magic, clerical and stealth skills. Their grace in movement is as deadly as their vision in the darkness is unmatched.

Art by Aerenwyn at Deviant Art

Drow are chaotic evil, but do band together against all races. They are taught from birth that all other races are evil and mean the drow harm, therefore, all other races are inferior and must be either destroyed or taken into slavery. The drow fight and kill without remorse, or hesitation, unless it is to stop and torture the fallen. The only thing the drow kill more than outsiders are other drow. All subterranean races fear and serve the drow, or hide in fear.

Drow are not tolerated by any surface folk because tales and grisly evidence of their murderous raids have made their way to the surface. The drow hatred of all other races is only surpassed by the fear and hatred that all other races have for the drow. Afterall, the drow have earned their reputation and will be driven out of all civilized surface cities if found in small enough numbers.

Drow have white hair and usually dark eyes, though they typically are glowing red with infravision. They have ebony skin and they do not like the light, preferring to stay in the dark, inside, or underground, which they are most comfortable with.

Drow are extremely difficult to play due to the fact they will be hated and killed by almost all others, including other drow. Only experienced SG players who are also reasonably adept at PK and PK survival and are willing to deal with the setbacks of being PKed often and not cry foul should even consider playing a drow character.

Restricted (level adjusted) races can automatically be rolled on HM accounts in creation. Other un-rollable combinations (atypical alignments or classes for a race) will need to be requested via the avatarmail command, and are usually likewise restricted to HMs and those players with a prior standard of good roleplay. Please be patient – depending if the request is unusual, it may involve some discussion before it is approved or denied, so these applications usually take until the following weekend or so to process. In such submissions, please include a description of your character’s personality and general attitude, as well as at least a moderate summary of their history – it does not need to be a full background, but we must know what has shaped your character, and what their current attitudes and nuances are, in order to approve or deny the request.

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