THe Half-elves

Of Shadowgate

Half-Elves of Shadowgate

Alignment: any
Classes allowed: cleric, fighter, ranger, mage, thief, bard, sorcerer, druid, barbarian
Normal adventuring starting age: 16-21
Average life span: 155
Stat adjustments: none
Skill bonuses: +2 influence
Misc bonuses: +2 saves vs charm spells, sleep immunity
Level adjustment: 0
Commonly found: nearly all civilised regions, but especially Sindh (Tsarven empire)

Half-elves are perhaps the most diverse of all known races, made up of a combination between their elven and human heritage, with their skin color typically being that from their human side. They are still typically much like their elven heritage, however, with the delicate features of that race. They are only slightly taller than the average elf, but their weight and build is usually similar to their human side. Some half-elves prefer the company of other elven types, while others prefer humans.

A variety of individuals come from this often outcast half human, half elven breed. Anyone with both elven and human ancestors is either a human or a half-elf, if there are more or equal numbers of elven ancestors, the person is classified as a half-elf. If the elven features are readily apparent in the person (regardless of whether they only have 25% elven blood) then they are also considered a half-elf. Neither humans nor elves fully accept half-elves, and they are often ostracized and shunned by both sides. Some less civilized nations even view them with suspicion and superstition. Despite this, half-elves tend to exhibit a confidence and personality that goes beyond those of their parent races, mixing the insights of their elven heritage with the passion of their human bloodline. Half-elves typically have the human curiosity, ambition and inventiveness, while retaining the elven love of nature and artistic tastes.

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