THe Half-Ogres

Of Shadowgate

Half-ogres of Shadowgate

Alignment: any non-good and non-lawful
Classes allowed: fighter, cleric, barbarian
Normal adventuring starting age: 16-20
Average life span: 110
Stat adjustments: +2 strength, +2 constitution, -2 dexterity, -2 charisma
Skill bonuses: +2 endurance
Misc bonuses: +2 natural armor
Level adjustment: 0
Commonly found: ogrish or human-settled areas

Half-ogres are a cross between ogres and humans. They are between seven and eight feet tall, looking like large, ugly humans for the most part. Half-ogres have the strength and size of their ogre ancestors, combined with the intelligence and reason of humans. However, because of their partial ogrish blood, they are regarded with distrust by most other races, and are usually shunned at the least, if not downright attacked or expelled from civilized areas.

Art by unknown

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