THe Humans

Of Shadowgate

Humans of Shadowgate

Playable races .. Human

Alignment: any
Classes allowed: any
Normal adventuring starting age: 16-19
Average life span: 110
Stat adjustments: n/a
Skill bonuses: +4 skill points at first level
Misc bonuses: per ethnicity
Level adjustment: 0
Commonly found: settlements in all areas

Human form is where the term “humanoid” comes from; humans have two arms, two legs, and stand near two meters high. Their skin comes in varying shades from light tan to dark brown, with visible hair of all normal colors on the top of their heads and occassionally as mustaches or beards in the case of the males who have not shaved. While not the single most prolific species of the realm, they are arguably one of the most dominant at the present point in history, with greater demihuman empires of the past having fallen to make way for their rise. Humans claim the greatest variation within a single species, crossing all alignments and upbringings, and all possible class options. Their aptitudes and attitudes may be shaped heavily upon those of the region of their upbringing, as much as they may rest on sheer individual choice.

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Heartlander (shadow, tabor, antioch and dagger region mixed)Short to mid height, a causasian complexion (not as pale as the Aesatri), nearly all shades of hair and eyes due to their mingled stock (modern reference: mixed mid-european). A varied people that inhabits the central ShadowGate region, most commonly farmers and traders.

Tsarven (tsarven empire except morinnen, azha and tabor mixed)Short to mid height, swarthy skin, usually dark narrowed eyes and dark hair (modern reference: arabic). The primary human stock of most Tsarven kingdoms, save for Morinnen, and Sindh where they are intermingled with Attayan stock of old. Descended from the original slave stock of the Djinni who ruled the region many millennia before.

Morinnen (morinnen kingdom of tsarven)Mid to tall height, olive skin, usually dark narrowed eyes and dark hair (modern reference: mongolian steppes-folk). Insular folk of the central Tsarven steppes, known particularly for their skill in handling and breeding horses.

Aesatri (dagger region mixed, asgard)Tall stature, a long head, light skin and hair, and light-colored eyes (modern reference: nordic). Form the tribes of the icy northern reaches and the populace of Asgard, as well as the nobility of Torm, and mingled citizens of both Torm and Tonovi.

Zin’Charu (antioch mixed)Short stature, dark hair, dark eyes, narrow shoulders, a caucasian complexion (but not the pallid-white of the Aesatri) and comparatively round head (modern reference: roman). Very little of this bloodline remains following the disappearance in 549SG of their ruling houses. Presently, only apparent within the nobility of the kingdom of Antioch, and some mingling among their citizenry.

Attayan (seneca, sindh mixed)Mid height, caucasian skin tone, dark eyes and usually dark, curled hair (modern reference: spanish). The primary stock of Seneca, and a large portion of the populace of the Tsarven kingdom of Sindh, originally as refugees from the Kinnesarudan wars several centuries previous.

Maalish (tribal wildlands)Uncertain translation according to linguists the Maal translate roughly to “us and not you”; this term relates only to the western wildlands tribes, though it is sometimes used in error to refer to other tribal peoples such as those of Tonerra (who are actually believed to be of ‘Tlacar stock). Tall, wiry black hair, ebon skin and dark eyes, strong jaw and broad brow (modern reference: african). Dominant inhabitants of the Wildlands, making up many segregated tribal groups, not a great deal is known about them but they often engaged in hostilities with the Senzokuan.

Senzokuan (feudal wildlands)Known among themselves as the Senzoku, “the thousand clans”. Short, olive/yellow skinned, fine-boned and usually with a flattened nose, given to straight black hair and slanted almond-shaped eyes of brown or black (modern reference: asian). Less prevalent inhabitants of the Wildlands, living in allied family clans and engaged in regular hostilities with Maalish tribes, usually over land disputes. Some intermingling bloodlines found in Lirremar, where the Tsarven empire borders the Wildlands.

“Tlacar (danger)Known among themselves as the Tonaz’Tlacar, “the shining ones”. Mid stature, dark hair, olive or tan skin and eyes from green through hazel and brown. Prominent cheek bones, a rounded face and narrow eyes (modern reference: south american). Rarely found on the mainland; native stock of the continent of Danger, as well as some islands (eg/ Tonerra, Dallyh).


Level adjustment: 1 (requres an account with a lvl 30 character.)
Stat adjustments: +2 dexterity, +2 charisma, -2 constitution
Skill adjustments: +2 perception, +2 influence
Misc bonuses: DR5 vs acid/cold/electricity, +4 skill points
Innate spells: faerie fire x1

Standard alignments: Any non-lawful but true neutral.
Classes allowed: any
Normal adventuring starting age: 16-19
Average life span: 110

The feytouched are humans who have been tainted by fey energies in their bloodline, which happens less often than one might assume. Perhaps an
ancestor was a nymph, or a fomorian. Perhaps they have simply lived in the fey realms for generations, becoming slowly acclimated to the plane in
which they dwell. Whatever the case, these creatures are mostly human, butcarry with them a small hint of something unearthly and magical, and silly.

Feytouched are quite varied in personality and outlook. Some are beautiful and elven, with wispy, delicate features, and others resemble brutish swamp
creatures, with misshapen limbs and warty skin. They are always marked by some distinctly inhuman property, such as feathered eyebrows, goblin ears,
or a propensity for speaking in rhyme.

Feytouched have no cohesive society: each feytouched is generally unique, though occasionally family lineages will form. Feytouched can’t help but
attract attention, though their physical appearance often dictates how they use it – beautiful feytouched sample all the luxuries civilized life has to
offer, while the brutish, ugly feytouched tend to favor natural environments, and the wild creatures therein.

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