THe Wemics

Of Shadowgate

Wemics of Shadowgate

Alignment: LN, NG, TN, NE, CN
Classes allowed: fighter, druid, ranger, barbarian
Normal adventuring starting age: 13-16
Average life span: 90
Stat adjustments: +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +2 constitution, -2 charisma
Skill bonuses: +2 endurance, +2 athletics
Misc bonuses: +2 natural armor
Level adjustment: 3
Commonly found: desert regions of Lirremar and Djyaristan (Tsarven empire)

Wemics are a combination of human and lion, having a human torso that extends from a lion’s body. They can grow to ten feet long and six or seven feet tall. Most of their body is covered in a dusky golden fur, though pure black wemics also exist. Their tail is tipped with a brush of long, black hair. Adult males have a mane of long black hair that extends down to their shoulders. Their underbelly is covered in short, white fur, and their leonine nose is either black or russet. Their eyes are usually golden, and are set with cat-like pupils. All of their fingers end in claws, which are retractable on their forelegs. They are playful and curious creatures, yet are also very dedicated to a cause once they take it up. Good as both trackers and guides, they will sometimes offer their services in exchange for money or magical items.

Restricted (level adjusted) races can automatically be rolled on HM accounts in creation. Other un-rollable combinations (atypical alignments or classes for a race) will need to be requested via the avatarmail command, and are usually likewise restricted to HMs and those players with a prior standard of good roleplay. Please be patient – depending if the request is unusual, it may involve some discussion before it is approved or denied, so these applications usually take until the following weekend or so to process. In such submissions, please include a description of your character’s personality and general attitude, as well as at least a moderate summary of their history – it does not need to be a full background, but we must know what has shaped your character, and what their current attitudes and nuances are, in order to approve or deny the request.

Useful MUD helpfiles: wemic, request characters.

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