Lady of light


Lady of Light, Champion of the Rose, Guardian of Antioch
Domain – light, love, hope, renewal, healing, dawn, self-sacrifice
Symbol – a crimson rose upon a shield of gold
Sacred Items/Creatures – sunstones, rubies, topaz, phoenixes, doves,
asters, roses, daffodils
Alignment – NG
Clergy alignments – LG,NG,CG
Follower alignments – LG, LN, NG, TN, CG
Spell domains – good, renewal, sun, protection, fire

History – Jarmila served for most of her life within the church of Lathander, ascending through its ranks to eventually join, and then lead, a regiment of the Order of the Aster. During the Silence she was sent to the temple near Tabor, and became instrumental in turning back the armies of Tonovi not once, but twice. She was secretly charged with protecting the relic of Love by the high priestess of Sune, following the first attack upon Torm. She then took a mortal wound from Bane during the defense of Antioch. For her actions as a champion of the faithful, Lathander surrendered his chance at divine restoration to raise her back to life, and charged her with the renewal of the faith as the new deity of Light.

Regards to Undead – The faith is directly opposed to the undead, and any use thereof, making efforts to purge them wherever they are found.

Vestments – Clergy of Jarmila dress for rituals in formal robes of white lined with gold, and bear a crimson rose brooch. When travelling, priests and knights dress as they will, but always wear the same brooch to symbolise their calling. Armor, where it is called for, is preferred with golden coloration or highlights whenever possible.

Faith-based groups
Disciples of the Rose – A sect of followers dedicated to the furtherance of love and beauty throughout the realm. They sponsor artists of various kinds, and preside over marriages and coming-of-age ceremonies, though they work to promote love in all of its forms, not only matrimony. Their teachings are of true love triumphing over all, and that beauty is more than skin deep, also manifestating through beautiful acts and creations.

The Golden Guard – The paladin arm of the faith, a group that works in defense of the church and its interests. They are active particularly in efforts to purge the Dark Trail near Antioch, seeing the undead as an affront to their Lady. They also regularly serve as protectors for other sects of the faith in their travels.

Hands of the Lady – An order of healers, both divine and alchemic, who dedicate their efforts to tending the sick and the frail. They are tasked never to turn away any request for help made in good faith, for through renewal all may come to learn the ways of the light.

Spells for Priests:

Good bless, holy orb, holy word
Sun nimbus of light, searing light, sunburst
Protection divine shield, invisibility purge, teleportation ward
Fire handfire, fire shield, flameburst
Renewal rejuvenation, freedom of movement, rebirth