The Winged Fury


The Winged Fury, Golden Protector of the Tsarven, the Righteous Emperor
Domain – protection, valor, duty, honor, justice, truth, battle, skill,
tactics, paladins, home
Symbol – a sword crossing a sheaf of wheat
Sacred Items/Creatures – gold, malachite, sapphires, horses, sphinx,
grains, fruits and vegetables, holly, good dragons, hawks, eagles, falcons
Alignment – LG
Clergy alignments – LG,LN,NG
Follower alignments – LG,LN,NG,TN,CG
Spell domains – protection, vigilance, strength, earth



History – Little is known of Kreysneothosies before his appearance just after the Sundering, appearing to rally the scattered Tsarven armies to victory. Again, during the First Kinnesaruda War of 421-424SG he appeared to turn the tide of war, battling Intruder himself, though the death knight was believed to have proven too strong. For more than seven centuries, he has been upheld as the guardian of the Tsarven Empire and its emperor. During the Silence of 737SG, he was again sighted in the skies above the Tsarven armies, acting as a rallying force to inspire them against their foes. In the final battle across the outpost of Azha, he was sighted at wing above the city, in pursuit of the injured stormlord Talos. A later ritual among the highest of the Tsarven elite, along with the most senior of the Tyrran, Tormtar and Anhurite faithful, revealed that the dragon Kreysneothosies and the immortal Tsarven Emperor were one and the same, and assured his ascension into the new pantheon as protector of all civilized lands.

Regards to Undead – Followers of the Golden Protector make active efforts to purge undead creatures wherever they are found, seeing them as a threat to all civilized settlements.

Vestments – Ceremonial vestments for both genders consist of a white serwal, covered by a black thawb robe. The collar should bear a long v-shaped cut down the front, and be lined the full length of that cut with
a thick, stiffened golden collar. A matching circlet of gold is worn by all senior priests.

Faith-based groups –
The Nazih – A gathering of respected senior faithful, who serve as mediators and judges across the realm. They are known for their unbiased insights, and are often called upon to resolve legal disputes where other
avenues have failed.
Blades of the Emperor – The faith order of paladins, charged with defending the interests of the church and its followers. They are tasked also with the reasonable defense of any civilised lands through which they pass,
actively seeking out dens of beasts and monsters to cleanse, so that nearby towns can exist unthreatened.

Spells for priests

Protection: divine shield, invisibility purge, teleportation ward
Vigilance: orders oath, mark of justice, dictum
Strength: righteous might, resilience, crushing hand
Earth: earth reaver, strength of stone, stone body