Lord Shadow

Scion of Darkess

Lord Shadow

Lord of the Shadovar, Scion of Darkness
Domain – darkness, night, loss, suffering, tyranny, fear, vengeance
Symbol – an azure diamond upon a black backdrop
Sacred Items/Creatures – onyx, obsidian, nightmares, undead of all kinds,
violets, belladonna
Alignment – LE
Clergy alignments – LN, LE, NE
Follower alignments – LN, LE, TN, NE, CE
Spell domains – cold, evil, tyranny, suffering, darkness

History – The true name of Lord Shadow has been lost to the centuries. Older even than some of the gods that fell during the Silence, he was once a mortal man of the Zin’Charu, and is said to have been one of the greatest wizards to have ever walked the realms. He, along with his entire city and its people, disappeared in -549SG during a magical experiment, and were believed long lost before their sudden escape from the Plane of Shadow in 726SG, returning to the realm as the powerful Shadovar. Despite having ensured their survival, and putting all of their resources to the restoration of their patron Shar during the Silence of 737SG, she was fatally wounded during the ascension ritual, and so Lord Shadow took her place and arose as the new deity of darkness. 

Regards to Undead – The regular use, and even occasional alliance with, the undead is an unspoken standard to the faithful of Lord Shadow.

Vestments – All clergy are expected to wear robes or garments of black for ceremonies and official matters, with trim in white or azure. The symbol of Lord Shadow should also be worn prominently in any official matters. Outside of the temple, faithful are permitted to omit any apparent signs of their faith where subtlety is required, or where it would put risk to their person or mission. Otherwise, they are expected to maintain public signs of their association, to ensure that Lord Shadow’s power is seen and felt across the realm.

Faith-based groups –
Order of Midnight – The knightly order of the faith, charged with enforcing its will across the realms and defending its faithful. They are known for their ruthless and merciless application of their religious tenets and the clergy’s directives.

The Black Violets – A splinter group of sadistic followers said to draw inspiration from the ancient writings of the church of Loviatar. They work to spread the fear of their Lord by mastering the art of torture and suffering.

Order of the Eclipse – A monastic organization originating in the Wildlands, the Order of the Eclipse is dedicated to the promulgation of law and the abolishment of chaos. To this end they see the practices and activities of the Nine Hells as something to emulate. The Order is often seeking ancient tomes and rituals to draw power from the Nine Hells, and to summon its denizens. They are not concerned with the morality of their methods, only the end result. The monks of the Order operate as the spiritual leadership, while a contingent of hellknights works alongside them to enact the Order’s will. For more information on The Order please connected to the following


Spells for Priests:

Cold:  Frost breath, ice shield, hypothermia

Evil:  Blight, unholy orb, blasphemy

Tyranny: Oppression, fear, dark aura

Suffering; Body blades, kiss of torment, wave of pain

Darkness: Armor of darkness, darkbolt, listening shadow