Elemental Reaver


Elemental Reaver, Tracker of Storms, The Tempest, Lord of Elemental Planes
Domain – air, cold, fire, natural destruction, storms, water, wind
Symbol – an elongated, curved silver scimitar against a storm-cloud
Sacred Items/Creatures – Elemental creatures, elemental genasi, natural
gemstones and metals
Alignment – CN
Clergy alignments – CG, CN, CE
Follower alignments – Any non lawful
Spell domains – air, fire, earth, water

History – Ryorik’s history is long and most of it is buried deep in the earth, but there are some that talk of a time when Talos used him to merge elemental power into a single being. Talos was hoping to weaken the primordials of his time, yet it backfire on him with the aid of Sune and adventurers from the Shadow Region. This lead to Ryorik being redeemed to a point he was willing to accept the burden his past had placed on him and ascend to divinity.

Regards to Undead – The faith abhors undead. Any follower caught using such, would be bashed, hunted and mocked for abusing nature and abandoning their trust in elemental magic and power!

Vestments – There are no stipulations for garments within Ryorik’s temple, though most faithful will carry some type of scimitar in honor of Ryorik. The priest often cloth themselves in clothes that represent their favored element, such as blue for air or cold and yellow for fire or earth. Rangers often favor long bows if they are not using scimitars to show honor towards Sidara.

Faith-based groups
Winter’s Teeth – A small, fanatical sect formed primarily by ex-Aurilian faithful who have kept many of their old traditions, under the leadership of a powerful entity known only as the ‘Lady in White’. They seek to continue the spread of influence and fear during harsh winters, and hold a far greater sway in the northern lands.
Cleansing Flame– A rather large sect, formed by a Prince whom believes that fire is the most powerful and important of the natural elements. The belief of this sect is to “cleanse” or “purify” people through flame. Many subsects of this sect run about determining exactly how and what it means to purify someone, the common thread for all of them is their disdain for Winter’s Teeth.
Sidara’s Flock– This sect covers the majority of Ryorik’s temple and is appropriate named after his mortal wife. It includes those who wish to live their lives however they see fit. It can range from clergy men whom heal to smiths or your fickle bards, in such it is more individuals than an unified group. However, on a number of occasion they have been called on by outsiders to calm tensions between Winter’s Teeth and The Cleansing Flame. 

Primordial Covenant– A druidic sect that believes elemental powers work together and not against each other. They have been around for thousands of years, but until recently were forced to remain hidden or silent as the outstanding belief was that the elements raged against one another. With the merger of Ryorik they are stepping forward to tend his temple and spread their message.

Air: whispering wind, airbolt, windstorm
Cold: frost breath, ice shield, hypothermia
Earth: earth reaver, strength of stone, stone body
Fire: handfire, fire shield, flameburst
Water: cloudburst, mist of the goddess, tidal surge