The Faceless One

Master of Secrets

The Faceless One

Master of Secrets, the Voice of Maddening Whispers
Domain – murder, assassinations, intrigue, strife, deception, illusion,
underdark(especially drow), lies, dusk
Symbol – a gray cloak marked with three blood-red teardrops
Sacred Items/Creatures – smoky quartz, platinum, bats, spiders, scorpions,
Alignment – NE
Clergy alignments – LE, NE, CE
Follower alignments – LE, TN, NE, CN, CE
Spell domains – trickery, illusion, cavern, darkness, evil

History – Unlike the rest of the pantheon, while countless stories abound concerning the race, gender and origins of the Faceless One, they become impossible to verify beyond mere hearsay. Some, most likely ex-faithful of the Dark Sun, claim that he is Cyric, raised to even greater strength than his prior incarnation through the murder of his enemies. Others voice a tale of a bitter crone, whose whispers stirred the greatest of Cyric’s servants to spill his blood upon the unhallowed grounds of his temple. Yet
more, that she was a stunning harlot of half-elven blood, who seduced Mask himself only to steal from him the very relics of his divinity. Most drowkind believe him to be an assassin of their own lineage, sly enough to twist the surfacers activities to his own ends. Whatever the case, the true nature of the Faceless One remains shrouded in potential deceptions and lies even to this day…

Regards to Undead – Undead are regularly called upon by the faithful, seen as one of numerous means to their desired ends.

Vestments – No vestments are designated for the church of the Faceless One, save for plain hooded gray cloaks that are worn over all garments in any formal gatherings.

Faith-based groups
The Whispers – An alliance of particularly wealthy nobility, who actively attempt to turn the workings of various political systems to their own benefit, and that of the faithful. Rarely are they revealed, and certainly such public acknowledgement usually results in a shortened lifespan. 

Cabal of the Dark Prince – A sect dedicated to the charge of a immortal of The Faceless One, only small in number but known to be utterly merciless.
Their dark rituals are whispered of with fear within civilized circles. Rumors suggest that their leader is amongst the living, but deception and
lies are The Faceless One’s way, so who can truly know.

Spells for priests:

Trickery: bestow curse, conceal alignment, confusion
Illusion: displacement, screen, phantasmal killer
Caverns: meld into stone, maw of stone, earthquake
Darkness: armor of darkness, darkbolt, listening shadow
Evil: blight, unholy orb, blasphemy