Divine recall

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Divine recall

Post by ilmarinen » 22 Mar 2019, 01:04

Putting this to discussion.

A command that gives players ability to teleport from any even teleport locked area to known location somewhere in the game.
After the teleport, paralysis for 3 minutes is enforced.
If attempt to use during combat, you die (this way it is useful for infinite combat situations).

Rationale is syntax-hell areas like Sanctuary or even Drow Underdark that trap players for no good reason, leaving them with poor and outdated ifiction.
Paralysis and known place of teleport is mechanical deterrent against PK evasion.

Additional options to consider:
Option where you just die if you use this command above lvl 30.
Option where nothing happens if you're above lvl 30

The idea is stolen from our neighbors, literally almost any mud provides alike mechanisms for low leveled.

I'd like to hear cons points the most, since I see only arguments pro.
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Re: Divine recall

Post by melic » 05 Apr 2019, 13:53

Time for my 10 euro cents.

I've been stuck in several locations due to syntaxes about as logical as a bag of cats on fire. A command like <divine recall> would have spared me a lot of short-term frustration in those situations. I would probably have abused such a command at some point as well though. But it does seem like a good way to let players get out of situations where they might otherwise perma-quit.

Player retantion probably outweighs the potential effects of abuse this command might entail (such as escaping from prison), especially with the level restriction.
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