Power structure and roles.

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Power structure and roles.

Post by ilmarinen » 03 Aug 2019, 12:33

With great power comes ability to accidently rm -rfv everything.
-- Alexander The Great

  • newbie can: play the game in offestry
  • player can: play the game
  • high mortal can: have a fancy cyan rank
  • apprentice can: use apprentice and some builder commands.
  • avatar+ can: use avatar commands (/cmd/avatar), use personas and av tools
  • creator+ can: use creator commands (/cmd/creator) and builder commands, most importantly use eval
  • overseer+ can: have a fancy navy rank
  • elder can: have a fancy magenta rank
  • arch can: have a fancy golden rank
access for creators+ is defined by assigning them access groups.

Current ranks:
  • creators: aurgloroasa diego essyllis fluffy ilmarinen kismet odin titania uriel
  • overseers: loki octothorpe yves
  • elders: grazzt lujke nienne firedragon
  • arch: circe eris garrett nuwisha
Player disputes final word:
  • law: eris
Technical admining:
  • superuser: nienne ilmarinen eris nuwisha
  • assist: garrett lujke yves circe
A final word in anything:
game owners: eris nuwisha ilmarinen

Delegation and absence:
RL stuff, burn out, mood are real factors. If decision has be be made immediately, it falls to the next in line. Incident to be recorded and judgement is to be passed upstairs post factum.
Even lowly avatar can make law decision, and it had happened recently at the time of posting without much of a trouble.
Be happy that someone else can do your job and don't micromanage.

Hit by a bus scenario, abandonment and tristanity contingency plan:
Certain people on the list above and even some players have a full access to the game backup files, including the world and user files, and can re-start currently running SG version somewhere else. They also can do it if they find game owners performance unsatisfactory. The latter might be factually limited by needing to gather new community in the new place, but is still possible. To get on this list you must fit catnditions.
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Post by ilmarinen » 03 Aug 2019, 12:42

You may have noticed there are no avatars on the list in uppost.

Avatars are your DMs, they come and go, their power structure is chaotic.
To run a plot you NEED to have an avatar account, even if you have another wiz account. Some creators have avatar account, some avatars are creators. Only an arch (assist and superuser) can bypass this requirement with some admin magic. This limitation is mechanical.
Avatars are quick to burn out, their list changes quite often.

They follow own power structure and rules, which are at the time of this post are being defined, or disregarded.

Current av team lead is 'faceless'.
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Re: Power structure and roles.

Post by ilmarinen » 07 Feb 2020, 02:30

Added Eris to Law group, shes the only one now there.
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Re: Power structure and roles.

Post by eris » 07 Feb 2020, 15:50

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