[Slap on the wrist] Cyran

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[Slap on the wrist] Cyran

Post by ilmarinen »

Cyran tried to play mommy vs daddy game, but daddy was hiding behind the curtains and cat was napping on the tv box. Sadly that game enraged daddy and woke up cat, so cat scratched Cyran on the wrists and he is now shamed in the corner.

For slightly violating Rule #1 Cyran's punishment is this post. Shame on Cyran! But not too much, just a tiny bit of shame. Tiny-tiny bit. Next time it will be small bit of shame and a day of playtime with fart curse on.

Note to avoid this:
Use avatarmail for character requests. Don't wake up cats while they are on vacation. Any requests, anything not related to Secret plots is expected to go through avatarmail or ideas and discussion forums. If you're making cumulative requests, like "give me exp because I noob", you're very well expected to do it through avmail and public channels.

Cyran is free to explain his actions in answers to this post.

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