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Avatar+ rules

Post by faceless » 17 Sep 2019, 19:32

Hello all,

Below is a list of guidelines to try to keep all of our avatars and players on the same page. Everything listed is subject to change based on how things turn out in practice and of course suggestions from players and other immortals.

I would like to encourage everyone to feel free to post suggestions on new guidelines that might improve things or how one that already exists here could be changed to improve its effectiveness. Anything changed will be edited into this main post and the updated rules will get their own post below so it is easy to identify anything that has changed.

1. All plots and interactions must have a record here on the forums or they will be considered to have never happened. If it is something that would not be widely known or would be secret to the masses it can be placed in the hidden avatar thread. If it is something that would be locally or widely known it should be recorded in both the hidden avatar plot thread as well as the current events thread. Events should have a record within 48 hours of having taken place.

2. We are here to enforce rp but not with a heavy hand and in most cases not directly. We do not force players to change the way they are playing their characters, they get to choose what sort of character they are going to be. Do not be abusive to a player just because they are choosing to play something against the grain or that you personally are not a fan of. If it is warranted the world can be made to react appropriately to such a character but such things should remain IC and not be treated as an OOC punishment. Remember that fantasy worlds are full of non standard individuals and they often make for interesting and popular characters.

3. When running a plot remember that everyone is here to have fun so try to be respectful of their characters and their time. A player who has a nopkflag should not be forced into pk situations and plots should not be designed in such a way that they have unavoidable consequences that will have long term impact on the player without discussing it with them first(I.E. pregnancy, loss of limb, loss of class features). We are not here to ruin player character lives but to give them a living breathing world to exist in and enjoy. This does not mean that all events can be stopped or all foes can be defeated or that everything will go the players way. Simply that the story should give the player characters a chance to act and that their actions should have a chance to be meaningful to the story in some way.
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Re: Avatar+ rules

Post by ilmarinen » 18 Sep 2019, 21:02

0. This covers anyone who is avataring, including assist and superuser groups.
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