Rope Trick in PK

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Rope Trick in PK

Post by uriel »

Hi Nuwisha, Eris, and Ilmarinen,

Could you please clarify? There is an old rule - to my knowledge it is still good but I'm old as hell. The rule was that players should not use rope trick type spells (create demiplane, sanctify, etc) during PK interactions. The idea was that players should be able to respond to PK, and that hiding in a rope trick was not appropriate. Sort of like you should not log out immediately after taking a PK action so that other players can respond (the old rule there was 20 minutes before logging). Could you please give guidance if the no rope-trick rule is this still good? Thank you guys!

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Re: Rope Trick in PK

Post by ilmarinen »

No that'd be micromanagement and bloating pk rules. You of course can suggest more and more rules, nobody here can stop you but last draft made through many people and we still had correct it after summer elven rage quitters.
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