Undead, faith and public opinion

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Undead, faith and public opinion

Post by faceless » 09 Jan 2020, 20:11

Please be aware that undeath is not considered a minor affliction, or alternative lifestyle by the people of the realm or its faiths. Those who are afflicted with undeath are unholy abominations looked on with favor by dark gods and reviled and hated by most of the living and especially the gods of the light. Whether or not an undead being is "nice" makes no difference to those faiths who hunt them down and destroy them as their mere existence is a blight on the world.

Understand that if you are discovered to be tolerant of undead as a member of a faith that is not you are likely to be seen as a pariah by your fellow faithful and in many cases not even recognized as one of them. If you are a divine servant such as a cleric, paladin or inquisitor of said faiths you will find yourself having divine blessings withheld from you. Your gods are watching and the power you wield is to do their will, so if you are not doing so expect it to be taken away.

Undeath and all who create it are considered evil, just as the necromancy spells that create such things are labeled as evil spells. To be associated with undeath is to be associated with evil and understand that in the eyes of most, even a haunted spirit that has harmed nobody is something to be pitied and put to rest, not befriended.

If you feel that your character would be more understanding than your faith then of course do as your character would, however keep in mind that consequences can be very severe and you are choosing to embrace those consequences by going against the status quo.

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