Player Guides: Emoteat.

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Player Guides: Emoteat.

Post by kismet » 26 May 2019, 15:45

Fellow Adventurers,

To aid you in your roleplay, I have written an extensive guide to the command known as “emoteat”. I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with “emote” (see “help emote” in game) before reading this guide.

For those of you joining us from the previous forum, this is the same guide that was posted there.


An emote is a roleplay-tool that can be used to describe what your character does and how it reacts to its environment. You can describe your physical actions and gestures, as well as demeanor, appearance, facial expressions and body language. An “emoteat” is simply an emote that is directed at a specific creature. This usually means another player, but the target can also be yourself, any coded NPC (such as a vendor), any monster you encounter and even your horse! As long as it is a living creature, you can emote at it.

You will find the guide is divided into three chapters:

The Basics
1: What is an “emoteat” and how do I use it?
2: Basic codes: What is in a $N(ame)?
3: $M(e), myself and I: How to emote at yourself.
4: Say it like you mean it: How to use speech inside emotes.
5: Advanced codes: You, your and yours truly.
6: Powerposes, metaposes and how to avoid them.

Link to the guide: ... sp=sharing

Any thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions are more than welcomed.
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