Player Guides: New Casters (WIP)

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Player Guides: New Casters (WIP)

Post by kismet » 02 Aug 2019, 12:08

Fellow adventurers!

It has come to our attention that caster classes are very popular among our players. Who would have thought? While these classes are, of course, awesome, they can present some issues and difficulties for new players. The game has a steep learning curve and casters are harder to master than our melee options.

If you have your heart set on a mage, fear not young adventurer, this guide is here to aid you! It is quite extensive, so consider bringing a cup of coffee to your reading session.

Tip: If you are fairly new to MUDs in general, you could consider the option presented in the post below.

Disclaimer: This is not an "Optimized Caster Guide". I am not the leading expert on casters, so I would not know where to begin writing one. Instead, this guide will provide you with general information about caster classes and spells. It will give you an overview of how the different classes learn, prepare and cast spells. It will not cover prestige classes or feats.


1. Types of Caster Classes

2. Magic on Shadowgate

3. Your Spells

4. Caster Class Guide

5. Tips and Tricks Section (WIP).

Link to Guide: ... sp=sharing

If you come across any errors or typos, please contact me directly through the forum message section.


Edit: Updated to include the <dispell> command.
Edit 2: Updated after changes to <master>. Now includes simplified casting system. A note on parties added to the Tips and Tricks Section.
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Re: Player Guides: New Casters (WIP)

Post by kismet » 02 Aug 2019, 12:15

New Players:

If you are new to Shadowgate, and especially if you are new to muds in general, we recommend playing a non-caster as your first character. If you really, really want to play caster, know that you are in for a steep learning curve. To soften the learning curve, you could consider following these steps:

1. Create your caster character with your chosen name and gender.

2. When prompted to pick your class, pick fighter. When prompted to arrange your stats (strength, dex etc), choose “recommended”. Complete the creation process. 

3. You will now have received a “strange and powerful object” (type <i> to see your inventory). We will use this in step 5. 

4. Play through the tutorial with your fighter character and continue for a few levels, until you are reasonably familiar with the game and its basic commands. Stop at level 5 or before

5. Once you have a grasp on things (but before you advance to level 6), you can use the “strange and powerful object” mentioned in step 3 to reset your class(<reset class>). You must be in the town square in Offestry to use the device. This will reset your class, remove all items from your inventory and set you to level 1. It will move to you to the start of creation where you can repeat the creation process for your character and choose whatever caster class you want. This will also let you change your stats and every other aspect of your character (excluding name and gender). 

6. Complete the creation process. Do the tutorial again and play through level 1-5, this time focusing on learning how to play a caster. 


• If playing through levels 1-4 two times seems excessive, don’t worry: The first few levels are designed to be quite easy to come by when you know how the game works. You can always go to the “oochub” and <bypass> the tutorial when you are ready to enter the real world of Shadowgate. 

• Remember that casters are much squishier than fighters and be a little more careful when adventuring. 

• When you use the object to reset your class, race, subrace or parent lineage, you lose all items in your inventory, excluding vials. You do keep your gold, though, so it may be advisable to sell any items in the local shops before using the device. 

• If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. The <newbie> line is your usually your best choice:  <newbie YOUR MESSAGE>

• If you cannot get a response, find us at discord as “”. 

Good luck!
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