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Trillet's color editor

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 13:37
by ilmarinen
This flash application will help you to edit colors visually:

SGColors.swf (FlashPlayer included) (8MB)[url]
I know I'm not exactly playing this game right now, but I promised to eventually make a more fleshed out version of the color program for the good people of Shiny Body Parts: The Game, and while it's taken me longer than I anticipated, I'm finally ready to release the first version of this rewrite. This application is slightly larger in scope than the last one, so there are probably a few bugs or rough edges remaining.


(12-16-15) New update! Rearranged the buttons on the side panel to make accidentally clearing all text a bit more difficult, and fixed a couple issues with overlapping buttons."Undo Clear" is back, as is the ability to view the rendered output in a toggled window. Most notably, added in a limited "autosave" feature - click on the label in the bottom right corner to activate it. This should make anything in the text field persistent after the application is closed, and should save every time the "Character Count" field updates. Keep in mind that this data is probably being saved as a kind of cookie (if you're running this in a browser), and shouldn't be relied on to keep your work safe indefinitely, since clearing your browser data will reset everything.

(11-26-15) 30 seconds later: After a good deal of soul searching, I decided to make the color code generator work properly - now it shouldn't add superfluous color tags when going from an unbolded color to a bold one.


-The application comes with a proper, shiny instructions screen now, which should cover how to use it and what the various buttons do.

-Support for multiple lines added. ("Added", in this case, being code for "actually remembered to turn it on".)

-Text copied normally from the text field (with ctrl-c, etc) retains its formatting data on the clipboard. Useful for copying/duplicating painted text quickly.

-You can now import color-coded text - just paste it straight into the text field, press the "Convert Color Tags" button (or hit ctrl-i), and the text will be automatically formatted.

-Multiple options for copying painted text into color-coded text: copy selection, copy paragraph, or copy all.

-Added the option to set adjacent colors. These allow the application to determine which colors are presumed to come before and after your text, when it generates a span of color-code (if you use "copy all", it will apply this to all paragraphs). By default both the "previous" and "following" colors are set to unbold white, which means a RESET tag will be added to the end of your text if necessary.

The "previous" setting is probably the most useful - set it to bold green for a character adjective, or unbold green (I think?) for a character description, and you won't need to worry about adjusting the color codes after they've been generated. "Following" is a bit less versatile, but setting both options to the same color could be handy if you need to insert some colored text into some other, previously colored text.

-Keyboard shortcuts for the palatte in Coloring Mode. Check the instructions screen for more details.

-Character count now displays a grand total, and is also further broken up by paragraph. These take into account the adjacent colors when calculating the string length. It also no longer updates automatically - that function was causing a lot of latency and it turns out that I accidentally programmed the counter to feel hate. It should still update at certain points, however, and you can click on the counter to refresh it.

-For the same reason, and because it didn't actually do anything, the "output" text field is gone. - Fixed!

-The "undo clear" feature is also gone, for now, making any clears permanent. - Fixed!

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Re: Trillet's color editor

Posted: 03 Feb 2020, 20:37
by cedric
I have heard several people have had issues to use this small editor that makes life very easy. The trick is to open the .swf file with explorer, and not edge.
Here is a small video on how to do it

Re: Trillet's color editor

Posted: 04 Feb 2020, 21:51
by ilmarinen ... kFtONURuKY
Note from Rheyn.

Flash will be discontinued in the end of 2020 so this path will be the only way to run color editor.

Re: Trillet's color editor

Posted: 04 Feb 2020, 21:54
by ilmarinen
And this as a bundled solution (8MB)
If bat files are still a thing on ms windows just hit run.bat, or drag and drop sgcol.swf on fp.exe, if that still a feature, or on *nix run "wine fp.exe sgcol.swf".