Parnelli Wild Elves

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Parnelli Wild Elves

Post by shadowgate » 24 Apr 2019, 23:49

Faction: Parnelli wild elves
Location: Parnelli forest, Laerad
Base alignment: CN
Rulership: matriarchy advised by tribal elders
Patron: Silvanus

Political ties:
None, given both their lack of proximity to other elven settlements, and their xenophobic nature. Highly insular and elusive.

History/misc details:
This group is the only known remainder of the wild elf subspecies, as those on the mainland have died out or fled to Laerad. One main tribe with stragglers from the mainland. Nomadic rather than hut-dwelling, to remain elusive. Highly defensive; willing to attack those that put the tribe at risk, but not at out and out war with local forces for risk of thinning their own numbers. Don't accept outsiders into their numbers except in extremely rare cases; may tolerate another elf if their life was at risk, but would not be pressed much further than that.
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Re: Parnelli Wild Elves

Post by amasaeele » 14 Jan 2020, 14:24

(Migrated from the old board: The following section is compiled from in game roleplay, events and mail correspondence with Hades and Circe, talks with Nienne and research from external sources. Some creative liberties have been taken. This particular Study ends in ca. 711 SG(2014), following the attack of the Tarrasque on Parnelli.)

A Study of Green Elves, By Cinnara Meadow

In all my years as a scholar, there is one people that has always intrigued and eluded me. The closer I looked, the better they hid. The sharper my ears, the softer their footfalls. They are so secluded, that many thought them lost to time. The Green elves, I was told, is but a legend.

“Thearnytaar. Eiellr. Sypiir. Miyeritar. Keltormir. The first grand elven nations of so long ago. Now only a legend, the faint whispers of long forgotten glory. Oh, to unravel the mystery of this people! The first elven explorers to this world, who accompanied the Lythari and the Avariels on those very first voyages. The green elves, who built such wonderful cities and were once the very masters of craft and magic. How could such a grand and magnificent civilization fall so easily to the dark elves? Oh, to dwell into the past and find the truth to their tragic story! “
(Excerpt from "Birdie - Wild Elf of The Unicorn" by Cinnara Meadow)


In 580 SG, a clan known as The Huntsmen bragged about a hard battle won against a small elven settlement deep within Kilkaen. Nearby residents claimed such a settlement simply did not exist. Upon closer questioning, however, some woodsmen and traveling merchants admitted to having traded with a group of dark-skinned elves. They were described as rugged and wild-looking, often clad in animal hides and lacking the graceful social finesse normally associated with elven kind. A forest fire erupted as direct result of this alleged battle, and the site was never found. The ranks of The Huntsmen were severely thinned in the encounter, never fully recovering, - a testament to the fierceness with which these elves fought.

In the year 590 SG I first encountered witness-accounts of elven sightings by human rangers native to Asgard. The ghost of an elven child had been spotted in the vicinity of a pixie. It was described as being dark of skin and hair, dressed in animal hides. When the rangers approached, the child disappeared and the pixie chased the rangers off. Likewise, the beasts of Systhach(?) speak of ghost assassins, but no prey lives to tell their tale. I searched every inch of the magical, and highly dangerous, forest of Parnelli, from the northern mountains to the god-forsaken Laerad Plains, through which lay the only non-magical way back to the main-land. The closest I ever came, was awakening in the Carriage House with a headache and no memory of the last few hours.

It is my theory that these two groups are related. They were most likely separated during The Sundering of 0 SG, in which the island of Laerad was torn from the mainland.

My luck changed in 680 SG, when I first crossed paths with a young elven orphan with the peculiar name of "Birdie", later known as Sumara Woodherd. A child of Mielikki, who claimed to have been raised by nature itself. We slowly became friends and my completed account of her adventures can be found at the city library. Imagine my excitement, when it became clear to both of us that she might well be a green elf with ties to the Parnelli tribe. Though she was later accepted into the tribe, I myself remained an outsider.

711 SG a disaster befell the communities on the Island of Laerad. A gargantuan creature of legendary powers, known as a "tarrasque" awoke from slumber to wreck havoc upon the nearby lands. The city of Asgard took heavy damage. The tribe of green elves hidden deep within Parnelli had their dwelling destroyed in the incident, and found temporary refuge with the elves of Synoria. None of the elves perished in the disaster. In its wake, though, two scouts were killed and a child abducted by worshippers of Talos. The green elf known as Orn Sul and his allies rescued the child.*

*It is interesting to note that the druid Orn Sul was aided by the humans, Verbannon, Trillet and Vidarr, as well as the gnome Jimi Juker. Note also that the human noble Zathery of Tyr, on Sumara's request, aided in the recovery of green elves who had been lost in the incident.


It was in the wake of this disaster, that I was honored to sit with a small group of green elves. From these talks and my time with Sumara, I have gained valuable insight into their ways and customs.

The tribe in question is a matriarch, governed by a council of Elders, whose word is Law. Their numbers remain unknown, as do their origin. It is rare now, for a green elf to venture far from their dwelling and those that do remain hidden, often choosing not to communicate with outsiders at all. They appear quite xenophobic, even more so than golden elves, and adhere strictly to the codes set down by the Elders. This is understandable, as it was the green elves who most fiercely opposed the human expansion in the past**. Their distrust of other races also include their elven cousins, who they view as too far removed from nature. This is evident in the word used for elven outsiders, meaning “elf not of my tribe”. Careful probing suggests that there are no half-humans among them, despite their close vicinity to Asgard.

**I am led to believe there is a generation conflict at play here, however: The elders want to focus on staying hidden and continue to have little to no contact with the outside world. Their motto seems to be that "The less the others know of us, the less they can do to harm us." A belief strengthened by the fact that this tribe appears to be the last remaining one in the entire realm, having survived this long by staying hidden. Meanwhile, some of the younger ones feel as though it is time to both establish contact with others and to fight back against the dangers that threatens Parnelli. Some younger elves, for example, wish to eradicate the troll city. The Elders, however, hold the view that an outright war with the beasts will only lead to death and destruction.

While little to no written works by members of the tribe exist, the wealth of their oral traditions is remarkable. Songs and stories, passed down through generations, some as old as the race itself, exist aplenty. The legends provide guidelines for moral conduct and ethics, as well as day to day activities. The songs may be used in worship, to inspire courage and skill, or to invoke the tribal spirits, often in synchrony with dance. The Green elves enjoy festivities and often pay tribute to nature by way of song and dance. The solstice feasts are of particular importance.

Their art, while ranging in complexity, is often meant to be temporary; a painting drawn by color rocks, upon a rock or an animal skin, a crown of leaves or an excellent meal, a spontaneous dance or song never repeated. Likewise, the tools they use may seem simple at first glance, but I have noticed most are sturdy and can be easily reassembled to fit their current task. Like nature shifts and changes, so does the green elves, while their way of life, much like nature itself, remains a steady, repetitive circle.

They no longer build cities, preferring to live as natural as possible, in mounds or nest-like abodes within the trees. Could I have passed straight through their dwelling and not even noticed? Despite the simplicity of their homes, they have retained the art of forging magical weapons and gear. Though seemingly simple and somewhat rural in design, I am assured they are every bit as effective as ours. I am prone to believe them, as the magic of their tribal rituals have aided in keeping them hidden and safe from all but a legendary beast. I am also left to wonder if their mystical powers are essential for the magic in Parnelli and to the defense against what is rumored to exist within the mountains?

The tribe has since returned to Parnelli. The disaster seems to have inspired an attempt to communicate with Asgard, as they too rebuild. With the human noble Zathery and the green-elven druid Ornsul in charge of diplomatic relations, a minor change might be in the air for the green elves of Parnelli.

Here, the chronicles of Cinnara Meadow ends and no further records can be found. What came of the diplomatic relations mentioned in the last paragraph? Is it true that the druid known as Orn Sul was later exiled for his dealings with House Rylinath? And what of the rumors of wild elven tribes residing in The Wildlands? Those are tales for others to tell.

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