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2020 recap

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Hello. This time year recap will happen 2 months before sencond year of catgate.


This year brought us 1981611 lines added and 361278 lines of code

We merged 32 pull requests (Most by Wedex, who is apparently a new imm), squashed 828 bugs.


The year brought us one quest and combat area on the Ice Island east of Deku by Hades.

Other places were merely dusted over and such.


New base class, Magus, which has its own unique mechanics.

Several prestige classes were introduced.

Other changes

A lot had been lost track of due to us stopping to keep a human-readable changelog. But there were some changes, less than in the previvous year, but more than in years before 2019.


This year significant change was the move of all of the source code into public repository we self-host and mirror on github.


This year had seen continuation and final words in Nienne's divine plot. Classic pantheon is fixed forever, any further attempt to shrink or expand it will not be allowed.


Full cost of server operations had been covered by the community with $13 transfering over to 2021. Domain name had been covered by Eris.


Thanks to everyone involved in medicine.
Thanks to every player for playing the game.
Thanks to everyone who reported a bug this year.
Thanks to every imm who contributed this year.

Happy mew year!

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Re: 2020 recap

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