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Alias hee, alias haha

Post by fluffy »

Let's add some more to the Ultimate Shadowgate Guide! What are some aliases that you use very often on your characters? The idea is for players to be able to copy aliases that they like to make the game easier for them to play.

Please seperate the ones you use on all/multiple characters, and class specific aliases. Also, please use the code format for your lists. If you can't find the button, use <code></code>, except with brackets.

If you're worried about people metagaming and abusing your information here, you can send it to me, and I can post them in your stead to allow you to post anonymously.

Here are mine:


Code: Select all

alias pn peer north
alias pne peer northeast
alias pe peer east
alias pse peer southeast
alias ps peer south
alias psw peer southwest
alias pw peer west
alias pnw peer northwest
alias pu peer up
alias pd peer down
alias po peer out
alias n sneak north
alias ne sneak northeast
alias e sneak east
alias se sneak southeast
alias s sneak south
alias sw sneak southwest
alias w sneak west
alias nw sneak northwest
alias u sneak up
alias d sneak down
alias o sneak out
alias z score
alias ss search $*
alias dv quaff kit
alias ga get all
alias gs get all coins
alias gd gaze device
alias spots recall locations
alias oa offerall
alias pode power device
alias lurk hide_in_shadows
alias lost stuck_merc
alias shatab buy ticket for shadow-tabor
alias de disenchant $*
alias mm merge mats
alias ss search $*
alias stn steer north
alias ste steer east
alias sts steer south
alias stw steer west
alias std steer dock
alias sto steer out
alias loga lower gangplank
alias bb board boat
alias gp gangplank
alias loc location

Yes, all my characters always sneak. Not all of them are good at it, but why not try?

Bow User (almost always a warlock):

Code: Select all

alias sn1 shoot $* north 1
alias sn2 shoot $* north 2
alias sn3 shoot $* north 3
alias sn4 shoot $* north 4
alias sn5 shoot $* north 5
alias sne1 shoot $* northeast 1
alias sne2 shoot $* northeast 2
alias sne3 shoot $* northeast 3
alias sne4 shoot $* northeast 4
alias sne5 shoot $* northeast 5
alias se1 shoot $* east 1
alias se2 shoot $* east 2
alias se3 shoot $* east 3
alias se4 shoot $* east 4
alias se5 shoot $* east 5
alias sse1 shoot $* southeast 1
alias sse2 shoot $* southeast 2
alias sse3 shoot $* southeast 3
alias sse4 shoot $* southeast 4
alias sse5 shoot $* southeast 5
alias ss1 shoot $* south 1
alias ss2 shoot $* south 2
alias ss3 shoot $* south 3
alias ss4 shoot $* south 4
alias ss5 shoot $* south 5
alias ssw1 shoot $* southwest 1
alias ssw2 shoot $* southwest 2
alias ssw3 shoot $* southwest 3
alias ssw4 shoot $* southwest 4
alias ssw5 shoot $* southwest 5
alias sw1 shoot $* west 1
alias sw2 shoot $* west 2
alias sw3 shoot $* west 3
alias sw4 shoot $* west 4
alias sw5 shoot $* west 5
alias snw1 shoot $* northwest 1
alias snw2 shoot $* northwest 2
alias snw3 shoot $* northwest 3
alias snw4 shoot $* northwest 4
alias snw5 shoot $* northwest 5
alias su1 shoot $* up 1
alias su2 shoot $* up 2
alias su3 shoot $* up 3
alias su4 shoot $* up 4
alias su5 shoot $* up 5
alias sd1 shoot $* down 1
alias sd2 shoot $* down 2
alias sd3 shoot $* down 3
alias sd4 shoot $* down 4
alias sd5 shoot $* down 5

Warlock spells:

Code: Select all

alias dm cast warlock detect magic on $*
alias pew cast warlock eldritch blast on $*
alias bow cast warlock eldritch bow
alias claw cast warlock eldritch claw
alias lore cast warlock otherworldly whispers on $*
alias bud call companion
alias cmon lead companion
alias cm command companion to $*
alias shoo dismiss companion
alias see cast warlock see the unseen
alias boo cast warlock voice of madness on $*
alias mask cast warlock alter self on $*
alias curse cast warlock curse of despair on #*
alias whip cast warlock eldritch chain on $*
alias cum cast warlock enthrall on $*
alias wee cast warlock fell flight
alias run cast warlock flee the scene on $*
alias zom cast warlock the dead walk on corpse $*
alias zum command undead to $*
alias poof cast warlock walk unseen
alias call cast warlock warlocks call to $*
alias sum cast warlock beckoned from beyond on guardian
alias shield cast warlock beckoned from beyond on swarm
alias com command outsider to $*
alias shh cast warlock mind veil
alias spook cast warlock nightmares made real
alias wall cast warlock wall of perilous fire $*
alias poof cast warlock cloak of shadows on vision
alias shh cast warlock cloak of shadows on divination
alias nom cast warlock devour magic $*
alias boom cast warlock eldritch burst
alias pop cast warlock walk the planes on $*

Any similar spell in different classes will usually use the same word as alias. Pop is any teleporting spell, poof is any invisible spell, see is any see invisibility spell, shh is any spell that shields from divination.

Though not every class can cast these, cure wounds and monster summoning are both commonly used spells for spellcasters. Cure can be replaced by cause in most of the cure wounds spells, while the higher level negative healing spells may be named rather differently. MAX LEVEL means whichever is your highest healing spells, which goes up to critical before you'll want to use heal. Monster summoning can be easily adjusted for summon natures ally.

Cure wounds:

Code: Select all

alias cure cast CLASS cure MAX LEVEL wounds on $*
alias cwm cast CLASS cure MAX LEVEL wounds on me
alias cw1 cast CLASS cure light wounds on $*
alias cw2 cast CLASS cure moderate wounds on $*
alias cw3 cast CLASS cure serious wounds on $*
alias cw4 cast CLASS cure critical wounds on $*
alias cw5 cast CLASS raise dead on $*
alias cw6 cast CLASS heal on $*
alias cw7 cast CLASS aura of healing
alias cw8 cast CLASS fortune fate on $*
alias cw9 cast CLASS resurrection on $*
alias mcw1 cast CLASS mass cure light wounds on $*
alias mcw2 cast CLASS mass cure moderate wounds on $*
alias mcw3 cast CLASS mass cure serious wounds on $*
alias mcw4 cast CLASS mass cure critical wounds on $*

Monster summoning:

Code: Select all

alias meat cast CLASS monster summoning MAX LEVEL
alias mon1 cast CLASS monster summoning i
alias mon2 cast CLASS monster summoning ii
alias mon3 cast CLASS monster summoning iii
alias mon4 cast CLASS monster summoning iv
alias mon5 cast CLASS monster summoning v
alias mon6 cast CLASS monster summoning vi
alias mon7 cast CLASS monster summoning vii
alias mon8 cast CLASS monster summoning viii
alias mon9 cast CLASS monster summoning iX

If you can cast monster summoning spells, your class probably also has some greater summon spells that you may want to use when you need more damage than protection. For druids, they'll normally be elementals. Warlocks have their own monster summoning spell, which brings in outsiders. For the rest, your summons may vary widely.

For all spellcasters, my number one suggested alias is this one, either for spontaneous or normal classes:

Code: Select all

alias prep prepare CLASS level $* times 10
alias prep prepare CLASS $*[/class]

For spontaneous classes, 10 is great to start with, but as you level, you'll want to raise the number. You could instead put 100 in order to cover all bases, but I don't know if the number affects how long your preperation takes, once you go past your max slots. For normal casters, you can include a times number as well, if you plan on using a particular spell a lot. As an example, a mage using <prep fireball times 10> for up to ten castings. Sometimes, the world just needs to burn, and this is how you prepare to do it.
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Re: Alias hee, alias haha

Post by fluffy »

I've added disenchanting as sailing aliases to general, and added cure and monster summoning aliases for spellcasters. People who play more physical characters, your aliases are most welcome (because I only ever play casters or half casters).

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Re: Alias hee, alias haha

Post by hades »

For avataring 99% of my typing is

alias $cm command_mon $*

it is even easier than typing echo!

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