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Player houses

Post by ilmarinen » 23 Jun 2019, 17:37

So some players asked me to implement imm-less mechanics-based player houses, however I'm not sure what do you want by that.
Some room you can set custom description of?.. Something else?

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Re: Player houses

Post by puffball » 24 Jun 2019, 18:06

I think that would be great as is. Letting Followers stay there would be good for those who want NPC guards or servants. Item storage is something people have been wanting for a long time, so adding that would be nice, too. But a customizeable room is fantastic to start with. Purchaseable additional rooms are nice, too. I think looking at houses made by imms show what people want from houses. Objects that have further description, traps, keys, etc.
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Re: Player houses

Post by nienne » 26 Jun 2019, 23:23

This was something we'd been working on a bit back before stuff got derailed - it's when we shut down housing requests as it was planned to let players be able to do this themselves.

Basic theory was flagging specific areas where "property" was available, which would be added-to over time - many muds and a few MMOs already allow this, with designated areas for housing available for purchase (not just cities though - would need wilderness for the beasties and tree-huggers of course). Then giving something like a simplified version of the avatar room-builder code, to let players construct a mini-zone of their own design. We were going to start simple with room descripts etc, and once it was working the idea was to add extra features (storage, guards, traps, etc).

Not sure if any of that helps with ideas, but it was definitely a well-liked suggestion a year or two back so it was pretty high on the wish list I think!
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