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Antioch events

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A new dawn rises over Antioch and the city is abuzz with tales of horror. The city watch as well as the royal military is actively patrolling the streets in a show of strength but the townsfolk whisper of gruesome murders taking place in a number of homes throughout the city. For the time being the city officials are maintaining their silence as the matter is investigated...
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Murders in Antioch

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Another dark morning dawns as Antioch mourns the loss of their beloved City Guardian, Kyra. Word around town is that the vigilant paladin was approached by a masked and hooded figure in dark armor, who sent Kyra away with a flick of her wrist before disappearing as well. There can be no doubt that the paladin has been slain and the City of Antioch has declared a day of mourning in her honor.

No dawn comes without a sunrise, however, and as the citizens gathered to mourn and lay their roses down by the gate, they were greeted with a wonderous sight:

A deva descended upon them on glorious feathered wings.

"Fear not, my friends, for Jarmila smiles upon you. For each night, there is a dawn. For each shadow, there is a light. For each death, there is a new life."

The deva declared herself "Cerviel Kii Ra, divine knight of Jarmila" and boldly stepped up to take Kyra's place as a vigilant guardian of Antioch.

As the day progressed, people came from far and wide to lay down their roses at the deva's feet and seek the praise and light of Jarmila's newest angel. A plaque was raised in memory of the previous city guardian Kyra, who has now been named a "St. Kyra, Guardian of Antioch".

In an official statement, the City of Antioch declares that its defense has been severely strengthened in light of recent events and that the well-being of its citizens and surrounding townsfolk is of the outmost importance. Those seeking to bring strife and chaos to the city will find themselves swiftly brought to justice.
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A Miracle of Jarmila

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The north is abuzz with rumors about a miracle taking place in the temple of Jarmila. People brought back to life, a curse being lifted, the healing light of Jarmila shining so bright within the temple that it seemed the sun had rose at midnight. Some whisper that the temple is a safe haven of protection against the dark forces. Others claim that the temple is harboring a murderer and that this is just another sign of the darkness knocking on Antioch's door.
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The Nightcaller Captured

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In an official statement from the City of Antioch, it is claimed that the one known as "The Nightcaller" has been captured. A trial is expected, pending further investigations. Anyone with information on the matter are asked to come forwards and report themselves to Cerviel Kii Ra, Divine Knight of Jarmila, or Commander Greenshield of Antioch.

Citizens may rest assured that the danger is contained and are asked to remain calm:

"It is in times like these, that our traditions, our very way of life, is put to the test. Now, more than ever, we must come together and be as one under the Law. Unbroken and unbent, a beacon of light and hope. The Law will be upheld, proper protocol will be followed and justice will be served."

While no names are given in the official statement, rumors are circulating in the city that "The Nightcaller" is none other than Selucia, former priestess of Jarmila and servant of the alleged Goddess Ashra. What is more, whispers of Selucia's dark deeds are spreading in the city with tales of gruesome murders: Citizens found dead in their homes, eyes clawed out and legs chewed off, sitting in pools of their own blood and bubbling black goo. Tension is brewing between the Crown and the Church as prominent figures question the tight bond between them, as well Jarmila's own judgement on the matter.
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Jail Break!

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Troubles continue in the fair city of Antioch as citizens awake to terrible news:

The Nightcaller has escaped!

Witnesses report smoke coming from the jail in the middle of the night and three guards are rumored to have perished in the fire. When made aware of the incident, two devas rushed from the Temple of Jarmila to the barracks, where they found the remaining guards desperately digging at the blocked entrance to the jail as their comrades burnt to death inside.

Commander Greenshield and a representative from the Antioch Mage Guild appeared on the scene shortly after and begun investigations into the matter. As of now, authorities are keeping the situation under wraps, but it seems clear that the Nightcaller escaped prison by her own volition. Citizens are asked to stay inside and representatives from the Church of Jarmila and the Antioch Mage guild have been seen putting up wards upon the door of every household to defend their population from the wrath of the escaped murderer.

In related news, a small regiment of new soldiers are welcomed into the city the following morning, commanded by a Knight of Kreysneothosies.
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The Nightcaller Laid to Rest

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"Citizens of Antioch!

The terror known as The Nightcaller has been laid to rest! Shortly after her brutal escape from prison, the Nightcaller was apprehended by representatives from the Church of Jarmila and executed for the crimes she has confessed to. While the City of Antioch does not condone vigilantes, it recognizes the authority of the Church of Jarmila in this matter. Let this day mark and end to the dark troubles, so that we may embark upon the month of Renewal, 749 SG, with the light shining bright within our hearts!"

The City of Antioch.

The city of Antioch further states that the elf known as Kail, recognized as a slim silver-eyed elf in wizard's robe, is wanted for questioning in relation to the aforementioned jail-break.

The below message has been posted on the Arcane Bulletin Board for all to see:

"Message 8:
Subject: The attack on Antioch

It is with great sorrow that I am writing this.

Yesterday the jail was assaulted and several guards was killed. Selucia was broken out and she and her accomplices fled the scene. Myself and Jennifar was the first on the scene and aided where we could.

This day it was discovered Selucia had disguised herself as a halfling, and it was made clear she had no intentions of fulfilling the vow to Jarmila who had forgiven her. Instead she wished to flee and disappear without paying for her crimes. This was not acceptable, and by her actions and her words, she became a fugitive of the Law and a Enemy of the Church of Jarmila, who have guide and protected her since she have returned from the grasp of Ashra.

This day she have been put to rest in the Garden of Jarmila, her life the payment for her many Sins. I Mal'kor Holy Malakhim of Jarmila, was her Judge, Jury and Executioner, and by Jarmilas Grace we give her Soul peace, and hope her Sins will be forgiven in the Afterlife.

We send thought to all the families who have lost a loved one by Selucias hands.

Lastly, from the words of a little mouse, and the words from Selucia herself, one assailant on the Jail have been identified as the Elf, Kail.

Mal'kor, Holy Malakhim of Jarmila"

As the rumor spread, citizens of Antioch took to the bars and restaurants in celebration of the Nightcaller's demise. In the garden outside Jarmila's temple, the congregation gathered for a different purpose: To mourn the loss of a sister once known as Selucia.
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The March of the Dead

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It appears there is no end to the horrors haunting the Kingdom of Antioch! One late night, a horde of undead marched down the road towards the city. A witness claims that the horde, led by a tall figure in a purple armor, looked like shambling zombies coming home from the pub. One even had a bottle of beer in its hand! "They were trailed by an unnatural mist," the man, who would prefer to stay anonymous, says, "and quite scared my mare half to death! One of the corpses, I got a look at, had maggots eating at its skin and the words, - I swear! - the words: "Dead Mother of Twin Girls!" written on its back!"

One source claims that the zombies were deterred at the gates by the great Commander Greenshield and fled into the garden by Jarmila's Temple, where they were quickly dealt with by the clergy.

A conflicting source, however, maintains that the zombies never reached the gates, but instead walked peacefully into the temple gardens. There, they stood motionless as the clergy hacked them to pieces.

The zombies were described as rotting corpses, many clad in the everyday clothes of farmers or merchants. They had words carved into their flesh, claiming such things as: "I'M JOSEF. I HAD A FAMILY OF FIVE TO FEED", "ARTHUS MURDERED ME" and "MAL'KOR KILLED THE INNOCENT".

In an official statement, the Kingdom of Antioch says that "The situation has been properly contained. The identity of the perpetrators are known and they have been banned from the City of Antioch for the use of illegal magic and endangering the citizens of our Kingdom. While we strongly condemn the actions committed by the aforementioned perpetrators, it is our understanding that this is a matter between the Church of Jarmila and the proprietors of The Bloody Scourge and not a direct attack upon the City itself."

The Church of Jarmila likewise condemns this desecration of the deceased and promises to lay the souls to rest in holy ground, an undertaking that was previously denied the clergy by the Duchess of Tonovi. Official word from the temple is that anyone "personally affected by the attempted apprehension of the thief and murderer harbored in the den of sin known as The Scourge, may contact them to receive aid and compensation".

Meanwhile, the Duchy of Tonovi warns that anyone affiliated with the Temple of Jarmila will be put under close scrutiny.
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The March of the Dead

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(This is a dramatization of The March of the Dead, a collaborative work between Kismet, Khull and Amaryllis. It may be considered IC knowledge by anyone who takes the time to investigate the incident mentioned above.)

Location: The crossroads south of the Ruins of Old Antioch

One by one, the shambling zombies appear at the crossroads. The scent of burnt skin and rotting flesh penetrates the air. "I AM JOSEF. I HAD A FAMILY OF FIVE TO FEED," is carved into the chest of a corpse littered with lacerations. A swirling mist rolls out from the dark forest, as if drawn towards the undead. Within the ruins of old Antioch, you hear the growls and howls of vicious grimlocks, invigorated by the power that pulsates just outside their playground. Josef and his murdered companions begin to shuffle towards the temple of Jarmila.

Further down the road, yet unaware of the horror marching towards him, is Old Man Jim, as he is known in these parts. The wagon holding his family's harvest has broken down and he has sent his young grandson Rufus into New Antioch to fetch help. The poor man has just managed to calm his mare down, when he is approached by fair woman with red roses tucked into her scarlet hair. Realizing that Old Jim will fight to the dead to protect his harvest, Amaryllis makes it clear she has no interest in his wares and sweetly advises him to step down and enjoy the show, lest she blasts his precious cargo and nullify the problem. Thankfully, Old Jim has more wits than guts and as he sees the zombies parade towards him, trailed by unnatural mist, he covers down behind his wagon and prays. The mare goes absolutely nuts, tearing herself free from the wagon, and gallops into the night in pure terror. As the nightmare passes, Old Jim risks a glance. On the back of one maggot-infested, decaying corpse he is able to make out the letters "DEAD MOTHER OF TWIN GIRLS".

A little further down still, hidden by the bushes and trees that line the road, a young couple has their night utterly ruined by the stench of rot and the letters: "BABY KILLERS" carved into the back of a shambling undead girl in a charred dress.

Khull leads his parade onwards, soon approaching the crossroad that leads to the temple garden. Through the mist, you can just make out the walls of New Antioch up ahead. You can sense the power that stands before their gate, even at this relative distance. The zombies shiver. A small group of people, led by a young boy that looks much like the old man you encountered previously, comes walking through the mist. "Old Jim is just down the road, sirs, he'll be so happy to…" the boy's words are cut short. They stare at you. The moon breaks through the clouds, bathing your artwork in an unnaturally bright light that intensifies the carvings upon the wretched beings.

Flies buzz about maggot-infested orifices. Josef's mouth drop open and a beetle crawls out, up his cheek and into his eye-socket. The messages hit the terrified group.








One person screams. The men flee in total panic, scuffling with each other to get away first. Only Rufus, the young boy, remains, frozen stiff in increasingly wet boots and staring at you in pure terror.

Just a bend in the road now, and you will be within the temple garden. The city gates are not far away. The sudden moonlight has revealed your position. People are beginning to shout in the distance.


The zombies march off into the temple garden. There is a scream. Then a shout. A middle-aged woman, clad in a simple peasant's dress, comes running out of the garden. She nearly runs right into you, stumbles back a few steps, screams again, and then scrambles towards the safety of the city walls. "Zombies!" she wails, "Zombies!"

You certainly have their attention.

It is not the best angle to watch from, but you do catch a glimpse of temple guards, rushing to meet what they believe to be an onslaught of undead. One of the guards bashes Joseph's head in with his mace. Joseph looks at him blankly, half his rotting head missing. There is a sense of hesitation among the guards as one by one their minds begin to register the true horror before them. The young girl in the charred green dress slowly cocks her head to one side, staring at them through melted eyelids. A small white worm crawls out of her ear.

There is a commotion at the gates and soon a small squad comes marching up towards you, led by a burly man in a shiny breastplate.

Inside the temple garden, a trio of priests step out, ready to deal with the zombies. "Why are you just standing there?" one of them asks, as he notices the stand-still in the garden. "Look at them…" one of the guards mumbles.

The squad reaches you and the muscular man steps forwards. He is in his thirties, possibly of Aesatri descent, with short hair and a bushy, but well-maintained mustache. He carries a shield which bears the symbol of Antioch, but you notice that the amulet around his neck holds the holy symbol of Kreysneothosies. In fact, several of the guards that fan out to surround you bear the same symbol. "Who are you?" he demands, "What is going on here?"

You calmly explain your intent and the circumstances surrounding your visit.

The burly man, who by now has been introduced as Commander Greenshield, wrinkles his nose thoughtfully, which makes his bushy mustache wiggle. He looks into the temple gardens, where the priests have recovered from their initial shock and taken control of the situation. Holy energy sizzles in the night air, turning the zombies to dust. What little emotion is visible on the commander's face, suggests that while he abhors the undead creations, he cannot help but find the situation somewhat fitting.

"It seems to me," the commander says levelly, "that the Clergy of Jarmila has a handle on the situation."

Inside the garden, the priest turns his attention to the little girl at last. You may catch the glimpse of tears as he raises his holy symbol to lay the child to rest. The words "BABY KILLERS" finally vaporize.

"This is the King's road," Commander Greenshield says, turning his steel gray gaze back to you, "As such the King's Law applies and His Majesty does not allow the use of necromancy within his borders. Our soldiers work hard to keep the roads clear of the undead that haunts the dark woods,-"

"Grandpa… Old Jim…" the small voice of Rufus suddenly cuts through the commotion, "Where is he? What did you do to him?"

You explain that the old man is perfectly fine, if perhaps a little startled.

The boy slumps into a soldier's arms, relief quite knocking the wind out of him.

"Circumstances being what they are," Commander Greenshield continues, "I will leave it to the church to deal with your delivery." He fixes you with a cold, stern gaze, "This is your first and only warning, Khull: You and your ilk are not welcome in Antioch. Leave our borders peacefully and do not bring trouble here again."

You assess that things may have gone differently had you caused harm to anyone, especially any citizens of the Kingdom of Antioch.


Meanwhile, Amaryllis motions a priest of Jarmilia over and introduces herself as the owner and proprietor of the Bloody Scourge Inn. She explains to him, "Two of your representatives arrived unbidden to my establishment and proceeded to bring down half of it. They slaughtered numerous innocent patrons, and I've lost weeks' worth of earnings since the building came down. For obvious reasons I won't be collecting payments for their damages from them, and thus I must hold the church of Jarmila accountable for the lives and property loss, at a sum of one million gold. Which is so little to ask when you think of all those little precious babies who are without their whole families today because of your zealotry."


The priest you motion over, a young and burly brown-haired man with red ears he has yet to grow into, is highly agitated and in no mood for diplomatic comebacks. "Your establishment," he says, words dripping with anger and disgust, "Provides sanctuary to murderers, necromancers and psychopaths!" He stops just short of spitting on the ground. "We will not pay a copper to fund the reconstruction of that den of sins! Had you any care for these souls, you'd have given them a proper burial instead of desecrating their bodies in this manner." He seems about ready to spew out another string of insults, but an older priest steps in, laying a hand on his shoulder.

This one is older, with a face like an old otter and hands made rough from years of labor. "Calm, brother, do not let her agitate you further." He looks to Amaryllis, his gray eyes glinting within the riddled lines on his face. "My brother is right, you will not find funding for your establishment here. However, now that you have brought the dead to us, we will give them the proper burial that Tonovi denied us."

The burly man's ears have grown a hotter shade of red, but as he opens his mouth so speak once again, the old man's hand tighten around his shoulder. "We will of course see to it that the families of these souls are taken care of," the old man finishes.

Commander Greenshield oversees the exchange, clearly ready to step in should the situation escalate. Within the temple, priests and guards alike are recovering from the initial shock and preparing to come out to meet you. You have been given the opportunity to leave peacefully.


Having made your point, and your delivery, you leave the twice-dead in the hands of the priests. The commander remains until you leave: You get the distinct feeling a heated argument may be waiting in the wing between him and the priest.
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Black, Black Dawn

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1 Springstime, 751 SG

Darkness rose above the city of Antioch this terrible spring morning. The few witnesses report of a large gaping hole opening up before the city gates. Cerviel, Divine Knight of Jarmila and Guardian of Antioch bravely leaped to fight the rising darkness, but was devoured by terrible tentacles swarming up from the hole. The city crumbled before this ancient Goddess of death and destruction, as her power spread to the very heavens, covering the world in eternal night.

Rumors speak of a monster set lose on the streets of Antioch only hours before the rise, and of a child killed by the hands of a Priestess of Nim'navanon and an Oracle of Nature. Refugees fled the city and many survived, but Antioch itself lies in ruins.

An elemental storm rages and night now rules eternal as in hushed whispers are uttered the words: Ashra has awakened!

*OOC-NOTE: Some rooms in Antioch have been updated, please RP as though the city is in ruins. There is an eternal night, but as of now it has no mechanical effects (vampires be warned!)

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Return to Antioch!

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24 Autumnstime, 751 SG

As dawn continues to rise every morning, its Celestial Light defending all from the Primordial Darkness that hovers above, the good people of New Antioch gradually return to rebuild and recover. The city is under reconstruction, which draws craftsmen and unskilled labors alike to its gates, in desperate need of work and money. Soon, the city again bustles with life, even as its population struggles to pick up the pieces of their former lives. Once again there is song and life in Antioch and a fire burning warmly at the White Dragon Inn. The proprietors of said inn and the Eagle's Roost Tavern, along with the Merchant Guild of New Antioch, humbly invite all those of good heart to visit the City of Light and help fund their reconstruction. As the city of Antioch recovers, so does the temple of Jarmila. High Priestess Moshina of House Liamara now warmly welcomes the return of her clergy and devoted followers.

"The Kingdom of Antioch is overjoyed and honored to announce that Cerviel Kii Ra, Divine Knight of Jarmila, has been returned to us by the Grace of Jarmila and once again stands in defense of our beloved city. As we rebuild and recover, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have found rest in Our Lady of Light's Eternal Garden.

Together we greet the Dawn and mourn those that fell in the night.
Together we celebrate their lives and honor their sacrifice.
Together we rebuild and renew, and bask in the Sun of a brighter day."

Cealith Elurion, King of Antioch

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