Appendix C: Spells & Powers

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Appendix C: Spells & Powers

Post by shadowgate » 30 Jun 2019, 15:52

The purpose of this Addendum is to provide Avatars (and Imms) with a quickie list of what spells each class casts and what you need to cast them. Where applicable, I've added the average cost for said components/crystals.

I've broken them down by class and then special additions as needed. Not every chapter will be filled in right now. Several are still under revision. But hopefully this will help overall.

Chapter 1: Arcane Casters
Chapter 2: Arcane Schools (pending mage revision)
Chapter 3: Bardic Music (pending bard revision)
Chapter 4: Bardic Kits (pending bard revision)
Chapter 5: Psionic Casters
Chapter 6: Psionic Disciplines
Chapter 7: Divine Casters
Chapter 8: Divine Domains
Chapter 9: Paladin/Antipaladin Spells
Chapter 10: Ranger Spells
Chapter 11: Druid Spells (yeah, if they ever go in)

Why do I need this?
Besides the fact that it can be really useful if you're trying to simulate realism in your NPCs, sometimes the best reward for a player who has done a plot is a handful of those pricy components. But stoneskin and magic mirror aren't the only spells worth providing comps for. Anyone that has played a mage or psion and has spent 3 hours looking at every shop in the game to try and find one rare component knows the routine. So keep these in mind as ways to reward players. Perhaps even alterobj up a components pouch or crystal satchel to make it interesting and stuff it full of a handful of new comps.

I want to make one of those comps, but how do I make them?

For Components: makecomp (# of comp) (name of comp)
Example: makecomp 5 eyelash

For Crystals: makecrys (# of crystals) (name of crystal)
Example: makecrys 5 blue diamond
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