Appendix Z: Tricks of the Trade

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Appendix Z: Tricks of the Trade

Post by shadowgate » 30 Jun 2019, 15:58

This will be a list of various little tricks, abilities and fun discoveries.

Everyone is welcome to add to this!

lounge: pull cord: get remote
The lounge has a lot of buttons, levers and various other things that have been added over the years for Avatar enhancing items. Recently, Nienne combined most of these things into a singular Universal Avatar Remote.
<go lounge>
<pull cord>
<look remote>
<read remote>
The remote has lots of features and offers you as an avatar a lot of power. This power can be abused, so take it's abilities seriously and remember to be respectful.

This works much like the orb commands but also functions on inanimate objects. Allowing you to clone and move around items like lamp posts, mirrors and various other interesting things you can't own in other ways. Inanimate objects don't do a lot of things, like walk, talk and blow bubble gum, but sometimes you need something somewhere and this is how you can move it there. To destroy the item (or mob as you can clone mobs too!) type <army remove (mob/item)>

The language of all languages! This is the one that everyone understands regardless of race. Best to keep yourself set to this language with your main Avatar so that regardless of who you're talking to, you speak something they'll understand. <skillset language 100 wizish> for the win!

stuff on hand
Keep a small pile of +1 or +2 items in your <objects> folder that are just general purpose awards you can hand out when you have an unexpected PC join your plot party. You can always use the Avatar Equipment Room to scale them up or down in power as needed, but having a few misc. items on hand that can be used as an award is useful for those days when you need one quick! And they're great to make when you're sitting around waiting for your players to log on.

aitem (the quick-use item)
Make yourself an object using <item> command using the following syntax:

item -f aitem -n an item -t object
ids: aitem
short: an item
common short: an item
long: an item
weight: 1
value: 0
lore: none
all other properties: none

Once you have this item designed up, you can use it and a quick alterobj to make any pass off item you might need. Did the PCs just kill the giant dragon and decide to take a tooth? Quick: <objects aitem> <alterobj aitem> and poof, you have a quick dragon's tooth. Later on, you can trade this out for a proper item, or the PCs will give it to another NPC to have them make a sword or whatever for them.

Meanwhile, while they're playing around with it, the <name> will be "an item" so when they show it to someone in the game, it'll just display "Bob shows Jim an item." So it doesn't matter what you've made it look like, it is universal.

To keep them working and non-stackable. Bracers should always be worn on the <torso>. (Per Cythera)

Avatars as Spellcasters
As a spellcaster, regardless if you're a mage, bard, cleric, ranger, psion or paladin/anti, you need to have the basics of your class in your inventory.

For the divine casters (ranger, paladin/anti and cleric) you should have a holy symbol and be dedicated to a god. You wont always need this, but it will help ensure that your spells cast correctly for those that actually check deities (like the heroes feast).

For your arcane casters (bard, mage and psion), you will need to have a components pouch (bard/mage) or a satchel (psion) in your inventory. You do not need to have the components in your bag, just have the bag in your inventory. Without this, only the spells that do not require components will cast for you.

Remember Your Level
Avatars are Level 150, everything you cast is at Level 150. While this is great if you want to warrior con a mob to make it uber strong w/o having to make a orb-guard, it will give said mob 1500 hit points. Which can kill your average little player. Likewise your stoneskin, armors and other such spells, skills and abilities will also have super effects. In order to keep things fair have a second Persona that is a more reasonable level, such as level 28-30, to do your spellcasting or NWPs stuff for you. Alternately, use enchanted items that have the proper spell level cast on them to cause the effect.

Not Everything Has to Drop
Since your mobs don't have to drop everything they carry, if you have your dropchance set to 0, you can forgo the whole headache of creating a fully developed item, and just have the short/id-short set up to look right. This is especially useful for making stuff like tree branches out of clubs on the fly.

Crystals and Comps
makecomp (# of comps) (name of comp)
makecrys (# of crystals) (name of crystal)
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