Appendix Y: Templates

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Appendix Y: Templates

Post by shadowgate » 30 Jun 2019, 15:59

As has been mentioned in several places, sometimes its helpful to have your details all worked out on a note pad or word document prior to entering the editor.

Even with the help of the tutorials and the documentation of the programs themselves, sometimes it can get confusing. Especially when your lines are chatty and/or you're trying to work on a plot in one window and build an item in another.

Once you get used to your programs, the chances for confusion go down, but they still happen. To help with this and give you an easy crib sheet, we'll be putting in bare bones templates that you can put in a word document and fill in as you go through the tutorial and prepare to work with the avatar programs.

You do not have to use these, they are meant only as aids to assist you.
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Re: Appendix Y: Templates

Post by shadowgate » 30 Jun 2019, 16:00

To use this template effectively, copy the text to a word document and answer each question before you enter your editor. Use the avatar training sessions to help walk you through (the template has been prepared in the tutorial's order) and to provide additional information (like weapon or armor base stats, weight and so forth).

1) File Name (-f):
2) Item Name (-n):
3) Item Type (-t): ()Object, ()Weapon, ()Armor, ()Pocket Armor
4) Items Identifiers (book,spellbook,etc.):

For the next three, apply color code and use <echo> to check the colors for accuracy.
5) Short Identified Name:
6) Short Non-Identified Name:
7) Long:

The next two are optional items that are not necessary to include unless you wish to.
8) Written Text:
9) Language text is in:

The following two can be found by reviewing similar current items in game, if not available in trainer.
10) Weight of Item:
11) Value of Item in GP:

The next two are optional items that are not necessary to include unless you wish to.
12) Lore:
13) Study Level required to read lore:

Balance issues are important when it comes to the next two questions.
14) Stat Bonuses? ()strbonus ___ ()conbonus ___()dexbonus ___()chabonus ___()intbonus ___()wisbonus ___
15) Heartbeat: Always No (at this time)

If Armor, Pocket Armor or Weapon, continue with template. If an Object, you're done. [/b]

For Weapons ONLY (if armor or pocket armor skip this section)
16) Weapon Type (slashing/piercing/etc):
17) Proficiency Type (club,medium blades,etc):
18) Weapon Size (1 sm / 2 med / 3 lrg):
19) Weapon's Small Damage:
20) Weapons Large Damage:
Continue with question: 25

For Pocket Armor ONLY (if regular armor, skip this section)
21) Pocket Size:
Continue with question: 22

For All Types of Armor (regular or pocket)
22) Type of armor (leather, chain, bracer, etc):
23) Limbs worn (use races (human) to learn available limbs):
24) Armor Size (1 sm / 2 med / 3 lrg):
Continue with question: 25

For all items of Armor, Pocket Armor or Weapons
25) Special on-wear or on-wield: ()Yes ()No
25a) On-wear/On-wield message seen by owner:
25b) On-wear/On-wield message seen by room:
25c) On-wear/On-wield effect:

26) Special on-remove or on-unwield: ()Yes ()No
26a) On-remove/On-unwield message seen by user:
26b) On-remove/On-unwield message seen by room:
26c) On-remove/On-unwield effect:

27) Special on-hit or on-damage: ()Yes ()No
27a) On-hit/On-Damage message seen by owner:
27b) On-hit/On-Damage message seen by room:
27c) On-hit/On-Damage message seen by aggressor:
27d) On-hit/On-Damage ratio: _______/1000
27e) On-hit/On-Damage effect:

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Re: Appendix Y: Templates

Post by shadowgate » 30 Jun 2019, 16:00

This template is designed to prepare your orb guards. (Or to use when off line and bored
- should provide all the needed info to create an orb guard)

1> Ids – What will identify your mob (orc, large orc, snarlfang):_________________
2> Name – What will display when your orb-guard talks (snarlfang says:):_________
3> Race – The mob's race. ("with" is a generic humanoid race)
lich, drow, minotaur, demon, hobgoblin, voadkyn, titan, lupine, draconian, kender,
beastman, elf, ogre-mage, skeleton, halfling, half-orc, dwarf, goblin, bugbear,
firbolg, ogre, with, elven-dragon, gnome, ghost, kobold, wemic, dragon, alaghi,
troll, thri-kreen, human, half-ogre, golem, gnoll, orc, giant, pegataur, half-drow,
half-elf, illithid, unborn
4> Gender – ()Male ()Female ()Neuter
5> Size – ()small-1, ()medium-2, ()large-3, ()giant-4
6> Stats – does not currently work, instead use: <guard set (stat)>
guard set str___________ guard set dex ___________ guard set con ___________
guard set int___________ guard set wis ___________ guard set cha ___________
7> Classes – no more then three total. Can be less. Use <guard remove class> to get rid
of the auto set fighter class if needed. May need to do several times to get it to set: ___
8> Level – All classes will be this level: ___
9> Hitpoints – Add 10-20% hp over your standard in game mob: ___
10> Armorclass – this is the base AC, doesn't include additional items you may add: ___
11> Attacks – Set for how many total attacks your mob will have: ____
12> Damage – Set for base damage w/o weapons (single number, not xdx):_____
13> Aggressive – This CHR and below will be auto attacked: ____
14> Swarm – () 1 for yes, () 0 for no
15> Exp – Total XP you'll award for the players killing your mob: ______
16> Money – Enter as <gold 100,platinum 100>
()Copper _______ ()Silver ______ ()Electrum ______ ()Gold ______ ()Platinum ______
17> Spells -- List of spells your character will cast, most self cast will break and cast on
target, so consider using only offensive spells (monster summons works, phantoms do not):__________________________________________________________________
18> Targets – List of players that will be auto attacked regardless of CHA: __________
19> Spellchance – If you set spells, set this as a percent: ______/100% chance to cast each round.
20> Resistance – Amount of MR that a mob has. (Plat band = 45 pts):______
21> Dropchance – Set as percent for chance each item in mob's inventory will drop:
_____/100% chance each item in inventory will drop.
22> Smart – Sets if mob will use potions and abilities or just be fodder:
() 1 for yes, () 0 for no
23> Long – Description (<look snarlfang> returns this):________________________
24> Short – Adjective (when they walk in the room they see this):_________________
Additional commands to know:

display – will show you everything that you've input so far and let you check your
guard's settings. If you see anything like "293489273023" then the entry failed,
be sure to fix it.

guard save – will save and make you a key which can later be used to clone your mob.
(Use <alterobj key> to make it easier to tell them apart)

invent save (mob) – will save any inventory on the mob you indicate. This is how you
set up your orb guards to have equip.

avclone avatars /lurue/keyring1 – will make you a keyring to hold all your keys
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